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Red Dead Redemption gets new box art |

Rockstar gives Red Dead Redemption a new box art. Different from the previous one but the protagonist, John Marston is still on the cover, but without the cowboy hat and a different gun.

Looks like they are really polishing this game up. I like the new cover better than the old one. Your thoughts?


  1. I like the old one much better. It’s got more of a old western flavor

  2. I agree with Jimmy.. this is actually the third one.. first one was the 1st u show here with more red. The second one they have shown, 1st here is much better imo than the new one.

  3. Sinlock

    I like the new background But I liked the depiction of Marston on the older one better.

  4. Man that new cover really sucks. He should have his hat on.

  5. I agree, I prefer the old cover and he definitely should be wearing his hat!

  6. looks like Im the only one who likes the new cover lol

  7. i like the new one better more evil but hat would off been cool

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