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Just Cause 2 easter egg: the Hatch from Lost |

The hatch has been spotted on an island in Just Cause 2! As explained on the Hatch was found by Locke and was a great mystery for a long time on the show. I am huge fan of Lost and its kinda cool to see that the developers had some fun and put an interesting find in the game.

I have only played the demo but am seriously contemplating buying this game only for the sole purpose of getting as much Chaos points as possible!

Kotaku (Source)

  • Awesome… The game is a ton of fun. The cut scenes and dialog are really cheesy and bad, but the gameplay is awesome. Hopefully there will be more.. They need to make this multiplayer co-op already.. 😎

  • video with the music made me want to cry hahaha na not really but cool video don’t know how people found this already but cool.

  • Surely gonna buy this game when it gets cheaper. I hope they make sure the cut-scenes are skippable..

  • most of the cut scenes are skippable.. but you will miss some great humor.. such as.. “one day baby maybe I meet you again!” lol did I hear that right yup bad grammer and all lol

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