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Paying For Prestige |

How much can $10 get you these days?

If you’re a fan of Activision’s Modern Warefre 2 10 bucks can get you any Prestige you want. I stumbled across a website where the owner offers his (or her ) services to do just that. All you have to do is supply this person with your PSN account information and let him (or her) take care of the rest.

The service takes 24-48 hours to complete (depending on my work load) and you will not be able to log into your account until it is completed.

I see nothing wrong with having someone aid you in advancing further in a game. However, would you  pay real money to someone to help further your game ranking and give a complete stranger access to your PSN information?

I wouldn’t.

  • EdEN

    Hell no. I wouldn’t trust ANYONE with my PSN account. And paying to advance in a game? Where is the fun in that?

  • guys don’t do this please this guys scams people for there money if you really really want the hack i’ll do it for free.

  • LMAO people.. and Read Acezakj comment… This is a scam.. It can be done, but is a hack and takes literally 2 mins. My son did it on an alternate account to his regular one just to see if it works. You can tell who has hacked by looking at their time played. Prestige 10 with only a few days of play time.. Please….

  • Smegmazor

    Uh, forget about handing someone over your PSN account login and password. Why would anyone spend $60 on a game and $10 to have someone play it for them? Am I the only one that finds this phenomenally ridiculous?

    If a gamer is a novice at an online game and pays to have someone advance they’re player profile, people are going to know, by the way said person plays, sucks. There’s also fellow teammates to worry about. They’re going to wonder why this particular person has all these accomplishments and sucks real bad.


  • yea there are people out there trying to get money from something that takes 5 mins and its free its just crazy if it was for 360 i could understand because people would need a J-Tag which is pretty hard to do (J-Tag is a hacked 360 that you pretty much can do anything you want to a game)

  • Wow people now days are freaking pathetic. Kinda reminds of people paying money for Gil though(FFlX).

  • wouldn’t that be like paying someone to remove all the fun from a game?

  • Blackstaffer

    Gibb: +1

  • EdEN

    That’s paying for Gil on Final Fantasy XI, right? Sames goes for WoW and all the other MMORPGS. I remember someone aproached me about buying my gold and items when I used to play Ragnarok way back when…

  • A whole new definition to RMT (real money trading).

    It’s just sad imo.