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Aliens and Predator Invade the US PS Home; As Does Assassains Creed 2 |

The Aliens and Predator, as well as Colonial Marine costumes hit the US PS Home today.



Although I’m rarely in Home, I’ll be picking these up to wear whenever I am playing.


There is also a new Assassin’s Creed game space premeiring today. The space will include a lot of interactive content, including “a multiplayer tower defense game that pits Assassins against Templars.”

  • EdEN

    You know what Sony should do? Give trophies for Home activities in general an for those set to specific “spaces”. THAT will get their numbers to climb up FAST.

  • I just got back onto Playstation Home on March 31and I find hella people wearing Predator Costumes and every time I ask them where they got theirs they just walk away. So it took the internet to tell me that it was only a limited time offer, ending on guess when yeah on March 31… What the living Hell!!! I wanted a Colonial Marines Armor! No one said a damn thing when it was coming out or when it was leaving! And another fact that why would they make it a limited time offer? To make people buy them at a faster pace? Who do you think you are Burger King? Limited time offer works for quantity not if or if not you want to buy them! What about the people who are now buying a Playstation 3 and getting on Playstation Home and find lots (more like hardly any because of a limited time dumb-ass offer) of people wearing a Predator, an Alien, or a Colonial Marine outfit and wasting their time looking for the suits! That was me man, I was looking forever where could I find an outfit like theirs because they were so kick-ass. I wanted to let you people know how pissed off I am that I couldn’t get my hands on a super sweet set of gear that I’ll never get because it was a limited time offer. Now no one will get to be any of the three super bad-asses of our generation because they didn’t know they existed at all or didn’t have a Playstation 3 at the time during the limited time offer. I so frustrated right now because of you Playstation workers, damn you all for breaking a little boys dream of really being a Colonial Marine, a Predator or an Alien in virtual reality.

    Andrew A.K.A. Gonzolok

  • alexander sorrels

    I was planing on getting an playstaion 3 but I want a xbox 360 but I’ll tell my neighbor and Will that happen ever year or not cause I’ll make a avatar on my dads when he gets the playstation