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New Resistance Survey Surfaces |

A new Resistance survey has gone live fueling more speculation that Resistance 3 is approaching. Strangley, whenever I follow the link to the survey it says I’ve already completed it before. That’s news to me! Check out the survey here. Edit: I added an image to the article.

  • yeah, same here. bad link maybe?

  • Sorry fleakitten. I was tinkering with the quicknews and the quicknews got moved to the front page for a few minutes.

  • I only bought the first because it was one of the few games around when Ps3 was early in its days. I found the first one mildly entertaining, but the protagonist had no appeal whatsoever. The narration was what kept me going.

    The style change in the narrative in the second one was “alienating”. They shouldn’t have dramatically changed the way Resistance’s story was told, bold decision for a franchise but why change a signature aspect of your first game, and tell the story through the eyes of your soulless / unappealing protagonist? Also, I hate the hovercraft fps’s. I need some head bob, dammit!