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Sony’s 3D Shutter Glasses and the PS3 |

So I had a chance to play some Wipeout HD in 3D after PAX last Friday and I have to say…I’m impressed!

I was not sold on 3D as it doesn’t add to the experience for me. In movies, games anything. Its just another way of viewing the image that is cumbersome to me since I already wear standard glasses.

After leaving PAX I come across a Sony Style store in the Prudential Center that is attached to the convention center where PAX was, the first one I’ve ever been to actually. I walk in and decide to look at the tv’s when I come across the 3D glasses sitting on a little desk next to a chair and a PS3 controller.

Interested after I see a power button the glasses I try them on and instantly I was sucked into playing Wipeout in 3D. At first, just like I assumed, another way of viewing the game, but the more and more I played, I found myself making adjustments differently. I was watching the physics of the game different from what I would in 2D. Whether it helped or not, that still remains to be seen but I did in fact play differently.

So as I play further in, I bump into a few walls talking to others watching also with 3D glasses on and I take some damage. This is where things got crazy for me. The entire screen lit up randomly in each eye like an alternating strobe light but it wasn’t so much bright as it was solid. I had a HARD time seeing the track and what I was doing as this was going on. It indeed added additional difficulty to the game.

In the end, I find myself giving 3D another chance…perhaps not $3500 for a new tv, $100+ for the glasses, but should the prices ever drop, I’ll most likely be one of the first people in line. There are a few more games I would love to see but as for now, it gets a thumbs up from me.

  • Good job Eddie. Good to see you didn’t write it off, your willing to give it a chance.

  • JustTheFactsMr

    Prices have already dropped. Not sure where your getting that number from. Certainly not U.S. pricing.

    The 50″ Panasonic 3D HDTV LAUNCHED at $2500 U.S including a pair of glasses.

    The 58″ Panasonic non-3D HDTV is 2500 U.S.

    Which do you want?

    Extra 8″ and no 3D -OR- 3D TV with glasses.?

    It’s no different than deciding if you want backlit LED or not on conventional HDTV’s. Just another option.

  • Eddie

    well thats quite simple justthefactsmr. Perhaps any old 3D tv a la panasonic may be satisfactory to some, but to me it would not be. I played the game on a brand new Bravia LX900 which I believe will be marked around $3000+ which would be the one that I personally would want.

  • Jay

    Bravias are overpriced IMO. I still like my Samsungs though.

  • texas_ride

    How did the glasses feel with your standard glasses? Did you wear ’em over your glasses? The thing I hate about 3D movies at the theater is trying to keep the glasses on while still wearing the glasses that let me see more than a blur.

  • JustTheFactsMr

    It certainly isn’t clear you are only talking about a single model.

    @Jay. You may want to check out the consumer reports on the samsung vs panasonic. Especially if you would like the option of lying down when watching TV and don’t want noticeable ghosting. Samsung loses on both counts.

    I have Sony TV’s btw.

  • Jay

    im not in the market for a 3D tv anyway. The TV I do have isn’t 3D, but it’s still very good quality for what was paid for, and much cheaper than a similar spec’d model Sony. And at the time, Panasonic’s LCDs were “blah”. Not sure what they’re like now, but Samsung at the time of purchase was one of the better brands, especially for the price. Only thing is, I blew a couple capacitors, but $10 for shipping and the purchase of 2 new ones, I fixed it in like 10 mins and it works perfectly now, but that’s the only issue I had

  • Eddie

    texas_ride they felt ok. but I have very small glasses. So they were a little weird but once I got them on I was ok, they didn’t require anymore adjustments.

    justthefactsmr, the entire posts was a self reflection on my opinions and experience with 3D gaming. I wasn’t looking to make any specific points or prices with that one sentence. 2500….3500…..35000 the point is still the same that I want to convey and that is I won’t get a new tv just for 3D yet.

  • Jason

    its funny that Jay mentions he had a capacitor issues cause i also had a capacitor issue with my Samsung LCD wich i bought in the feb of 08 n i have gotten it repaired twice. Sony TVS even though they r pricey r in fact of better quality n the reason i say this is because my friend got the bravia instead of the Samsung i got n he has not had a single problem so quit hating on Sony products just because u cant afford it fool.

  • alex c

    samsungs only last 3 years before the sound and picture start to buzz and deteriorate , sonys las 5-10 years

    panasonics the best, at over ten years of perfect pcture.

    all these numbers are rough guides ive got from specalist magasines and what not…

    but one things for sure, samsungs lasts the least amount of time. and after only a few years……deteriorates.

  • tarbis

    During the the official launch of PS3 in our country held last sat-sun in which I attended on sunday, I got the opportunity to try out the 3D w/c was being demoed in the floor. Unfortunately there was no available playable PS3 game demo at that time but I was blown away by the 3D. I thought it wouldn’t look as good as the movies but I was wrong. It looked as good as watching in the movies. I’ll definitely gonna save up for 3DTV and 3D glasses.

  • Eddie

    Alex..there is no hard rules when it comes to tv’s live expectancy vs brand. Samsungs make tv’s that are just as good as Sony’s.

    I, however, have a personal preference of Sony due to a personal issue of my own. I have a 40in Bravia lcd, 3 years old that still looks brand new. I also have a Samsung 50in plasma that gets burn in after 30 seconds of a still image. Even though the tv is under warranty, this is considered external damage through Samsung even though there is no external damage or any reason for it to have any. So it is not covered and I’m stuck running the burn in erase screen every couple of hours just to not see burn in.

  • Bigshynepo

    Just to clear things up for everyone, Eddie, Justthefactsmr, alex c….

    As someone in the industry, i’d like to point out that Sony and Samsungs panels come off the same assembly line. (Sony also has an LCD panel partnership with sharp as well). However, brands aside, first results coming in on 3DTV is that Plasma TVs are producing a better overall 3D effect, more solid, colorful and contrasty, than edgelit LED tvs. This means that when Samsung and Panasonic plasma tvs hit the streets, not only will they be something to consider for quality of picture but also for price point. A large plasma is cheaper to build than a large LCD. LCD will conquer the monitor and 40″ and under category as a small plasma is exceptionally expensive to make.

  • Bigshynepo

    and just so you don’t think i’m affiliated with a brand, I own 2 sony bravias (a 46″ , 32″), a Toshiba (37″) and although I don’t own a panasonic TV, they are not “the best, at over ten years of perfect picture.” Look up Panasonic tv’s losing their black levels as time goes on. All panels are rated for over 10 years, but whether the pixels themselves stick or the components of the tv fail is another story.

  • Eddie

    I actually did know samsung and sony panels come off the same line Bigshynepo. I just hate the warranties 😛

  • I guess the glasses from nvidia won’t work on ps3 right?

  • jay

    let me further clear up everything…..dont buy a first gen 3dtv, eventually there will be 3dtv’s that are low in price and require NO glasses…..matter fact broadcasters will soon broadcast in 3d and then in hd3d…the tech today suxxx, i really dont think 3dtvs where glasses are required will ever hit it off with the major consumer base, its just a bad idea….so now if i have friends and family over im gonna need like what 5 more glasses, yea freakin right!!!! gimme a break, practice patients and newer better and eventually cheaper technology will appear soon at your local bestbuy

  • Solid snake

    Samsung dose have the best hd tvs to date. sony’s 3d glasses are going to be priced under$200.

  • Steve

    Eddie there is a difference between your Sony “LCD” and your Samsung “Plasma”, so I would classify the view against Samsung a bit biased considering they are two different style tv’s. That is like putting a color against B/W tvs, yes they both show an image but there is some details that do differ (a bit exaggerated but I hope you understand the metaphor).

  • Eddie

    Oh I have nothing against Samsung TV’s…it’s their customer service and warranty policies that makes me choose Sony over Samsung.