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Trev Won’t Be Reviewing Anytime Soon… |

So I came home to be greeted by a lovely flashing red light. To tell the full story I booted up Battlefield 2 and tried to jump into a quick game but as has been usual I was unable to join any matches so I tried restarting my system and that’s when things went wrong… My PS3 was unable to shut down and stalled until eventually crashing to a flashing red light. I waited patiently for it to restart itself as it has done when its crashed before but after a few minutes it was still flashing. I pressed the power button which set it to standby and tried it again, all seemed well with the fan whirring up and the light turning green but instantly a flicker of a yellow light followed by beeping and a flashing red light. A call to Sony’s customer services reveals its a power component failure which equals a replacement machine and my copy of Battlefield trapped inside my functionless PS3. Luckily I took out a 3 year warranty when I purchased from game that still covers me and I hope to get a replacement and start playing again soon. To see the error in full effect, check out my video above.

  • Eddie

    welcome to the club, here is your tshirt!

    Mine failed last month and I used that as an excuse to pick up a new 250gig. I am now waiting on the coffin to come so that I can mail out my current 60 gig.

    So I will have 2 PS3’s now.

  • Eddie

    btw..feel bad about “liking” this post lol.

    Sorry to read this bad news.
    Hope you get it back quickly.

  • That blows. ><

    My 360 and PS3 have broken down in recent history. It's heartbreaking imo. We spend top dollar for these systems and we all end up either buying new ones or paying for repairs.

  • Sorry to hear the bad news Trev

  • whos the dirt bag that likes this post lol, i have been down this road before took 4 weeks to get my ps3 back.

  • Sinlock

    Don’t need to watch the vid, I’ve seen it for my self.
    Still need to send the 60gig in for repair but It’s been to SONY once and we bought the Slim when the 60 died the second time. Wasn’t that upset whe it happened as we use the hell out of it. But the plan when we get it fixed is to use one for games and one for Blu-rays.

  • Alex

    This JUST happened to me last week. Still waiting on the shipment box to send it in.

  • genbatzu

    i hope my ps3 will run forever o_o
    but i get some freezes in the webbrowser and in MAG…

    i miss the good old times ^^ … my PS2 is now ~9 years old and still running without any problems 🙁

  • Unless you backup your saves regularly, you’ll lose them too 🙁

  • Eddie

    yea I lost all of my saves 🙁

  • Eddie: yea I lost all of my saves :(   

    Not cool! Although I have my PS3 insured and am having it repaired so I may get lucky and they fix my specific console rather than replace it. I’ve had to take a day off work now on Tuesday to wait for them to pick it up “between 9 and 5”. so i’m looking forward to an Easter full of no gaming :/

  • So, how many hours of use did you get out of the thing before it broke?

  • A fair amount. I’ve had it since 23/10/2007 so it’s had a good run and broke within the 3 years insurance that I bought.