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And Now For Something completely Different |

Yep Monty Python on PS3! No not a game or a round of Buzz questions but in Playstation Home. With costumes, furniture and a space. All of it is themed on the ace Holy Grail movie. Alex Weekes, the Home Community Lead of SCEE had this to say;

Next in this week’s line up are some iconic costumes from Monty Python. I have to mention what is probably my favourite costume in Home first: The Black Knight, complete with missing arms! You can also purchase Sir Bedevere, Sir Galahad, Sir Lancelot and Sir Robin either individually or all four in a bundle pack. The final item in our Monty Python haul is an unusual item of furniture: the iconic Foot. Even better, it’s a chair!

There are also some other additions coming to Home like the awesome Ghostbuster HQ. My mom would never buy me that toy, I still haven’t forgiven her for this…

There also some other Star Wars and Siren stuff which I shall just link you to the blog post to check out. Yeah I’m lazy, so what? I’ll challenge you to a duel, I’ll bite your legs off. Come on then!

PlayStation Home: Star Wars, Ghostbusters Firehouse, Monty Python and more! []

  • Jay

    lmao, epic! Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could have the Killer Rabbit as a pet? haha. Is this only in the Euro store, or will it be hitting the US?

  • Sinlock

    LOVE the title!!!

    Jay, All that stuff is in the US store. One thing I thought was stupis is that in the Star Wars section you can get a Lightsaber but only in Blue or Black…? Are you kidding me? You can get a Sith costume but no Red Saber…!

  • For me, (Was it Lancelot?) the knight charging to castle to save the “princess” is the funniest scene of all times. The never ending / repeating run shot was unbelievably well designed..