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And Now For Something completely Different |

Yep Monty Python on PS3! No not a game or a round of Buzz questions but in Playstation Home. With costumes, furniture and a space. All of it is themed on the ace Holy Grail movie. Alex Weekes, the Home Community Lead of SCEE had this to say;

Next in this week’s line up are some iconic costumes from Monty Python. I have to mention what is probably my favourite costume in Home first: The Black Knight, complete with missing arms! You can also purchase Sir Bedevere, Sir Galahad, Sir Lancelot and Sir Robin either individually or all four in a bundle pack. The final item in our Monty Python haul is an unusual item of furniture: the iconic Foot. Even better, it’s a chair!

There are also some other additions coming to Home like the awesome Ghostbuster HQ. My mom would never buy me that toy, I still haven’t forgiven her for this…

There also some other Star Wars and Siren stuff which I shall just link you to the blog post to check out. Yeah I’m lazy, so what? I’ll challenge you to a duel, I’ll bite your legs off. Come on then!

PlayStation Home: Star Wars, Ghostbusters Firehouse, Monty Python and more! []


  1. lmao, epic! Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could have the Killer Rabbit as a pet? haha. Is this only in the Euro store, or will it be hitting the US?

  2. Sinlock

    LOVE the title!!!

    Jay, All that stuff is in the US store. One thing I thought was stupis is that in the Star Wars section you can get a Lightsaber but only in Blue or Black…? Are you kidding me? You can get a Sith costume but no Red Saber…!

  3. For me, (Was it Lancelot?) the knight charging to castle to save the “princess” is the funniest scene of all times. The never ending / repeating run shot was unbelievably well designed..

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