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Former Sony President to Work for Capcom in Europe |

David Reeves retired from Sony last year. I remember his speech on what he was going to do with his time and it was something along the lines of a ski instructor, car mechanic or physics teacher. He said that it was his time to repay society for all he has taken from it. I’m guessing he just couldn’t leave video games alone.

David Reeves has accepted the position of chief operating officer of Capcom Europe with the goal of exploring new growth areas throughout the region.

  • Burn out comes to mind. I think he just needed a break from it all. It can also be that he kinda got fired and had a clause that said he couldn’t work in the industry for 12 months or something along those lines.

    We’ll never know for sure.. unless David would start following PS3Blog and posted a comment here 🙂

  • Humm I wouldnt work for a company that is falling behind with its games. I havent seen a worth while new IP from capcom for ages.