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Multiplayer DLC for God of War III? Early April Fools?

A scan of a French Official Playstation Magazine has popped up over at the GameTrailer forums. The scan supposedly shows a multiplayer DLC for God of War III.

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UFC Undisputed 2010: New game improvements

I had a blast with the first UFC Undisputed 2009 and am looking forward to the new improved 2010 version. I really like the demo below with the new sway system. Its definitely different in the fact that you don’t have to be cast into a fighting style completely, you can take different things from all the styles and pretty much create your own style. It really looks like THQ has put a lot of time into the game and it just keeps getting more and more polished.

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Blue Toad Murder Files Impressions

Game Structure

This is a local multiplayer (up to four players), pass the controller, game-show game. Based on the trailer and some reviews, I was expecting an adventure game and I’m surprised at how completely off that impression was.

It’s organized into structured game-show type rounds. Every player gets a score, and is supposed to compete against the other players. There are story sequence rounds, where players need to watch for clues, challenge mini-game type rounds, and quiz sections which test you on story details. The mini-games are very clever and original, and generally, you play each mini-game once and never see it again.

Currently, there are three purchasable episodes. Each “episode” is basically a 60-90 minute game-show type play session. These are not suited for replay since once you’ve seen the solution to the episode’s crime and seen the tricks to all the mini-games, there is no challenge for a replay.

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Trev Won’t Be Reviewing Anytime Soon…

So I came home to be greeted by a lovely flashing red light. To tell the full story I booted up Battlefield 2 and tried to jump into a quick game but as has been usual I was unable to join any matches so I tried restarting my system and that’s when things went wrong… My PS3 was unable to shut down and stalled until eventually crashing to a flashing red light. I waited patiently for it to restart itself as it has done when its crashed before but after a few minutes it was still flashing. I pressed the power button which set it to standby and tried it again, all seemed well with the fan whirring up and the light turning green but instantly a flicker of a yellow light followed by beeping and a flashing red light. A call to Sony’s customer services reveals its a power component failure which equals a replacement machine and my copy of Battlefield trapped inside my functionless PS3. Luckily I took out a 3 year warranty when I purchased from game that still covers me and I hope to get a replacement and start playing again soon. To see the error in full effect, check out my video above.


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