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PS3 Firmware 3.21 Now Live, Death of the Linux Penguin |

Yes, this update removes the Other OS feature on the fat PS3’s. It’s not a April Fools joke. Truly a sad day for Linux fans. You can still use Linux if you don’t upgrade to FW 3.21. But you won’t be able to connect the PSN anymore, play PS3 software or Blu-ray movies that require 3.21 or later, etc. Like Luke mentioned earlier this week.

This was found on the Japanese PlayStation website about the 3.21 Firmware Update

* PlayStation®Store からダウンロードできる一部のPlayStation®規格ソフトウェアにおいて、動作品質を改善しました。
* MP4ビデオファイルの再生に関するセキュリティ脆弱性に対応しました。

This translated is: * PlayStation ® Store in part can be downloaded from PlayStation ® format software has improved the quality of work. Added support for security vulnerabilities * MP4 video files for playback.

Let us know if you find any stealth updates. Or if you decide not to upgrade.

Via thesixthaxis

  • Eddie

    lol awesome image.

  • Thanks, took me a while to think of a good death image for linux, lol

  • I never touched Linux anyway but some ppl are crying a river over this.

  • Yes Fleakitten people are acting really stupid over something they didnt use and had no intentions of using. But its the internet so its not to surprizing.

    Dont forget to thank the hackers!

  • So sad but i never installed other os so not bad for me and what makes me cry is the fact that installing a firmware takes forever 🙁

  • I never really understood why you need to install other OS on a PS3?

  • This was a cheap move on Sony’s part. Yes, I’m one of those crybabies who didn’t use that function but complain. It’s a principle thing. e.g. my PS3 is backwards compatible, I never used it, but I’d be pissed if they removed that functionality because some asshat used it to hack the Ps3. After the update, my PS3 second hand is less valuable, I could have sold my PS3 to a scientific institution, for example, and could have gotten a slim without that option anyway.

    I also believe GeoHot is an asshat. He ruined a very open console. I’m planning to write a post on this issue, again trying to teach Sony what to do in future 😀

  • Wow look at all these comments on GeoHots blog


  • whoa

  • Ravenitrius

    I never installed linux on a ps3. I do however have Linux installed on my computer.

  • Jay

    I had it but rarely used it. The thing I need to ask, though, if you’ve partitioned your drive for that 10GB for use of the OtherOS, is that space retrievable or is the partition now just wasted space that you won’t get back?

  • Seems like it just hides it from the menu and booting into it. Via NeoGAF

    But you could do a full backup to a external hard drive, format the hard drive and restore I guess.

  • I upgraded to 3.21 on slim, but netflix is now taking for ever to load a movie. My connection is normal speed, 1.5Mbps downstream, as usual, but netflix is unwatchable. Any chance 3.21 upgrade screwed something up with Netflix?

  • I set my PS3 to update and shut off after it’s done. When I checked it the next day. Apartently, it had a error updating. So I haven’t bothered to upgrade just yet, since I’m just playing god of war 3 right now.