Final Fantasy 9 Confirmed For PSN

One of my favorite PS1 rpgs has been green lighted for it’s PSN debut. SE CEO Yoichi Wada confirmed FF9 will be released for PSN in a  six second clip . FF9 had one of the best gaming soundtracks to date and a memorable cast. No pricing or release date has been revealed yet.

Written by: Sakinah - Contributing Editor

  1. #1 by Eddie on April 2nd, 2010 [ 44602 Points ]

    one of my least liked FF’s! I’ll still buy it lol.

  2. #2 by Markus on April 3rd, 2010 [ 4322 Points ]

    I didn’t find the music very memorable tbh.

    The story and gameplay was decent. <3 Vivi. I enjoyed this one more than X-2 and XII. They are all must have though imo <.<

  3. #3 by Fleakitten on April 3rd, 2010

    A Place Called Home, Kuja’s Theme, You’re Not Alone, Lindlum Castle’s music, Black Mages Village, those were some of the best pieces ever for me. I even have the soundtrack. The only other FF soundtrack I own is FFX.

  4. #4 by GamerLoz on April 5th, 2010

    Yeh i have to say i liked FF9, kinda weird monkey man and vivi made the game for me.

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