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Killzone 2 Going 3D! |

You better believe it! Killzone 2 is going 3D, and theres a video that proves it! Thanks to the latest episode of Qore, we can now cease the doubting and begin the waiting for what is definitely one of the most exciting things that’s happening to gaming: 3D technology.

The Qore video also shows the other games that will be supporting Sony’s 3D technology, already previously reported, such as Wipeout HD, Super Stardust HD, Gran Turismo 5 and more. Video after the jump.

Via [The Gamer Acces]

  • Im kinda skeptical when it comes to news posted April 1 lol if true, this would be nice. FPS would look much much better in 3D

  • Royalty32

    3D gaming is a waste. Not only do u have to go out and buy some exspensive ass glasses but also an HDTV that supports 3D, which will be around $3000-$4000. Dont forget that the glasses will prolly be around $100, when u can go to the movies and get 3D glasses for free. I already have an nice HDTV why do i have to buy another just to play the same game but on 3D. Thanx but NO THANX

  • Luke

    What they need to do is stop showing these crappy videos. You can’t even tell if that’s 3D or if it looks good or not. Unless you have a monitor and glasses capable of it they might as well just write an article.

    Watching that is like watching a regular video in crap quality.

  • Eddie

    3D gaming is not a waste just because you deem it too expensive. I’ve played PS3 in 3D…its awesome, not a waste. yes its too expensive for the tech now in my opinion.

    As someone pointed out earlier, you can get the tv’s in the sub $2500 range and the glasses are normally included with the purchase of the tv. They are not the same glasses you get at the movie theatre at all. These are shutter glasses that have an RF sensor right between the eyes that communicate with another unit thats on the tv.

    I just made a huge post on this a few days ago that I’m sure is only a page back or so.

  • Estimated prices for 3D TV aren’t remarkably higher than normal HDTV (usually $200-$300 more). Costs are approximately $1,000 for a 42-inch 3D TV while the average 42-inch HD LCD costs around $650. Glasses should come with the t.v.

  • As always with new technology, the price will come down in time so no point in being an early adopter.

    They’ll probably start offering free glasses with the TVs in the future too.

  • Jay

    they should offer at least 2 glasses with ever set

  • Royalty32

    Do we really need 3D gaming. I mean yes it will be a new experience to gaming but is it really necessary. Im pretty sure we all are fine playin games the way they are now. I dnt see the point in this at all.

  • Eddie

    I personally found it to add yet another axis to gaming. Do we need it? nah. Is it another dimension added to gaming? Heck yea!

    When I tried it, I really wasn’t interested but after playing it, I now want one!

    If done correctly, it could be as prominent in gaming as motion controls are becoming. But that doesn’t mean standard gaming will die.

  • 3d is an enhancement to gaming.. if you like it then good, if you don’t, nobody is forcing you to patronize… i know some people who hates 3d movies too, my suggestion.. don’t watch

  • Royalty32

    If done correctly, it could be as prominent in gaming as motion controls are becoming. But that doesn’t mean standard gaming will die.


  • Macdory

    Played Batman in 3D on the PC – after 30 mins I started getting a headache. I really don’t see me playing a game for any time at all in 3D mode …

  • Sony says no 3D for KZ2, LBP or GT. Link

  • Royalty32