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PSP2 Coming or Not? |

There are a few pieces of evidence that the PSP2 may be in the works and even coming this E3. I’ll post them below.

First, a couple online Resumes on “linkedin” have listed PSP2 as one of the consoles they are capable of working on. One from a game developer and another from a casting assistance.

Now this could be an error and they could actually be referring to the PSP Go. Why they would differentiate that from the normal PSP, I do not know.

You can view them here and here

Next, during a podcast of 4 guys 1 Up, Shane let slip this statement…

“I think the big story of E3 is DS 2 and PSP 2. I’m really excited to see that,” he further commented that the”DS and PSP both existed in completely different sides […] if those two put out similar products at the same time, it really evens the playing field.”

With that said, there haven’t been any leaks which is odd for a Sony product. I hope to see a battle of the handlhelds and motion at E3 though.

Via playstationlifestyle

  • Royalty32

    Just like the Sonic and Tomb Raider franchises, the psp needs to die.

  • Eddie

    why? I freaking love my PSP. It needs more games is what it needs.

    What it really needs is one that can’t be pirated.

  • The PSP Go was probably an idea that’s ahead of it’s time. Sony needs to stick with the formula that makes handheld gaming experiance fun for everyone.

  • We do some people hate the PSP?

  • Eddie

    I agree flea. However Sony stated that this is what they expected from it. AND…blu-ray was ahead of its time as well….now look whats happening. PS3’s are selling…blu-ray sales are up YOY.

    and its easy to hate on the 2nd place or on a product that is nearing its end of life sicsempertyranis. But they soon forget the 65 million units it actually sold.

  • With sales of over 60 million, I don’t see the PSP dying any time soon. And why should it? It’s a brilliant little system.

    I’m sure there will be a PSP2, but I hope it looks nothing like that mock-up – that’s just awful.

  • IMO i don’t see sony doing anything with a psp2 because there main focus for them is the ps3 and with the lack of sales from pspgo they have lots of thinking to do before the jump to conclusion.

  • When did sonic die theres still sonic games out there and i believe another one is in the works.

  • Eddie

    PSP Go didn’t sell for several reasons…you can’t fully hack it…no UMD on a product thats based on UMD and the price.

    and for the record…PSP Go is still my fav PSP on the market.

  • Maybe the PSP2 will be the long awaited PSP phone or maybe something closer to an iPad type device that can do “everything”.
    Whatever it turns out to be lets just hope that Sony is smart with the pricing and makes it affordable.

  • It looks beautiful.

  • Darrin

    I haven’t found many games on PSP that really match my taste. I don’t like DS either, so maybe I just don’t like portables. I’m still really excited for PSP2. I hope they do something really unique that existing systems (including smart phones) aren’t doing.

  • Yea if the came out with like an iPSP(lol) that i would buy but if i just see another thrown together psp i’m not putting my money into it.