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GOW III, Sell A Million Copies in Two Days: Check! |

Speaking at MI6 marketing summit yesterday,  Peter Dille, senior VP of marketing for SCEA, revealed to the audience that God of War III  had surpassed the one million copies sold mark in “just a couple days.” Unfortunately, Mr. Dille failed to produce any proof to back up his claim or a region break up of sales data.

We do know that GOW III sold 43k in it’s recent  Japanese debut.  It may not be too far fetched to believe that  Kratos’ 44 million dollar budget adventure did in fact sell a million in two days.

If so, GOW III may become the fastest selling PS3 exclusive yet and may come out on top over FFXIII for the month of March.

  • Go Kratos! Go Kratos!

  • So is there no way to change the camera angle in the game or am I missing something.. Trying to get through the game and I now remember why the demo got boring.. lol

  • Your stuck with the camera angle, it’s been like that in the series since God of War 1. I don’t mind it actually.

  • Oh noes! Don’t out sell FFXIII!

    Go Sahz, go Sahz!

  • Royalty32


  • Jay

    I like the camera work myself. Usually, I don’t care for fixed camera positions, but, IMO, GoW games always did it pretty well (though, definitely far from perfect; then again, you can’t really improve upon it)

    Anyway, it could be due to the ad campaign as well. Personally, I saw the Kevin Butler ad play a lot, as well as the other standard ad (you know the kind, the ones they use quotes from reviews, etc from publications). Maybe Sony will learn from this and be a lot more aggressive advertising their games from now on. I know the Kevin Butler campaign has definitely proven to be the most successful yet (even the ad agency, who contacted me directly concerning my KB fan page on FB, were glad to see the popularity of the ads, and Kevin Butler himself, have proven to be successful. Even Sony employees have joined the fan page and announced how they love the new ads)

  • lordincubus

    I don’t know if this will sell more then Uncharted 2. I am still playing it and I keep going back and forth between it and FF13.