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Woman Seduces Boy on PSN |

 A married woman with children at that! 

It is alleged that Mrs. Alexander had initially met the boy online and lured him to her using PlayStation online. Court documents revealed that the boy, who is only 14, had revealing photographs of the suspect on his Playstation 3 and the she had sent countless inappropriate text messages to the victim including one saying “my body is yours to do what you want with” and “I love you and want to get married.”

 She’s facing 15 years per offence and is considered a flight risk and a danger to the community. What’s going on in the world today??

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  • Eddie

    where were these cougars when I was a teenager???!!??? j/k j/k lol.

  • all i have to say is “nicccccce”

  • googled Annamay Alexander… no thanks lol

  • Smegmazor

    Yuck! She’s ugly! If she were hot, this’d be a cool story!

  • Men……x_x

  • *sigh*

    No one ever takes advantage of Markus /cry

  • Eddie

    Sorry Flea lol. boys will be boys I suppose.

  • lol @ the people who liked this post

  • when i first read this i loled every where but than i was like CRAP WHAT IF THIS HAPPENS TO ME!?!?!

  • Macdory

    Where were the boys parents? Why don’t they know who their son is talking to whilst playing games? Or have they just absiolved themselves of all responsibility and planted their kid infront of the telly to act as nanny?

  • Macdory


  • Jay

    @Macdory: that’s the whole problem. Kids nowadays basically raise themselves because no one is ever at home (well, some of the time anyway; both parents working puts a damper on raising children). That, or sing the TV, as you put it, as a nanny. This is the reason why kids are getting worse and worse, and parents don’t want to take responsibility, and/or they’re afraid to discipline their kids properly (with a belt or paddle or something like that) when they’re young.

    I swear, kids can sense fear and if they sense that you fear disciplining the child, they’re going to break rules of all sorts and basically walk all over you because they know you won’t be doing anything about it.

    In retrospect, I’m glad my mom “beat” me when I was a kid lol (and I mean, more than just a whack! Ever have a mom choke you? lmao), because now I have a better appreciation for what they did and will be disciplining my kids as well if they break my rules (minus the choking haha).

  • Parents today can’t really discipline the way parents could in the past. When I did something wrong, my folks would let me have it. Noone ever tried to choke me though, lol.

  • Eddie

    My dad didn’t hesitate to take his belt off. My mom would make me go find my own switches. Damn near killed her lilac bush from my spankings lol.

    “Where were the parents?” is a hard question to blurt out and a harder one to respond to. Parents SHOULD have the capability of controlling their kids and watching their every move but alas we do not.

    My son is 3 years old and independant as hell. He has his own bedroom and play room and decidedly spends most of his time in one or the other. He comes out every 15-20 min to play with me and the wife then off he goes again.

    When he is old and playing games other then Leapfrog, there is no way I’ll be able to spend the hours watching his every move on a gaming console and god forbid he gets into an MMO which is just a hunting ground for flirting with girls….(making sure they aren’t guys playing girl characters…damn manthras). I should know…I’m an MMO flirt!

    Either way..situation sucks. PS3 gets the negative publicity because a woman was lonely and a boy was doing what his hormones and nature is telling him to do.

    Turning a blind eye to what is acceptible social behavior, there is almost nobody at fault here and at the same time..everyone is at fault.

  • Jay

    fleakitten: Parents today can’t really discipline the way parents could in the past.

    most of it, no, but you can still spank the kids, as long as it doesn’t bruise them lol (out here anyway). CPS and the law really cracked down on discipline, and it has undoubtedly negatively affected society. I think that they should still do proper punishments in school, too. According to my mom, who grew up in that era, the moment the school spankings stopped, kids got worse and worse. I believe it!

  • My father parented via fear and intimidation. My mother through lies, manipulation and beatings lol…

    Wooden spoons, leather belts and every once and awhile, she’d throw in some bear knuckle boxing; just cause she could!

    Personally, I am trying my damndest to unlearn this behaviour.

    Imo, this is just a piece of news. I don’t even see it as bad press. Hell, it may even be good press.