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Kevin Butler Should Host Sony’s E3 Press Conference |


Kevin Butler has had a fair few jobs in his brief time at Sony from being Director of Game Accuracy to VP, First Person Shooter Relations and even Family Activities Director but one job he should have is Director of E3 Press Conference. Could you imagine how good it would be to have him up there introducing Sony’s new games and ‘dissing’ Sony’s rivals. It could open up the door to having alternative conferences instead of the boring Executive talking about how great their console is selling. I’m not the first person to think so too with this poll on the set up by PS3 gamer Neverendin. So far its receiving a positive vote of +4986 from 8,724 votes so please feel free to vote and get Kevin Butler presenting E3.

In the mean time check out fellow writer Jay’s Kevin Butler Facebook page

  • If they use him sparingly and just to keep the presentation moving along. I love the spots and his showing up would be great fan service. They could use him to show off new games. Most of the developers are a bit awkward when showing their own games. Let Kevin do it. Thrown in a couple of one liners. Introduce him as VP of “Beatdowns”, Glutius Maximus Kicking, Have the fun is the title.

  • Royalty32

    What a fun time that will be. Im so ready for E3, mainly because i want to see what M$ and Sony have up there sleeves. I know they’ll both be showin more of there motion controllers but i want to see AAA GAMES. Im still prayin for KH3.

  • Keep praying, Royalty. Nomura said the development of KH3 depended on when Versus is done, and it’s still up in the air if Versus will appear @ E3.

  • EdEN

    That would be a fun E3 on Sony’s part since their executives are known for not being able to deliver a proper speech let alone a joke.

  • Jay

    people think both Kevin Butler (Jerry Lambert) and Jack Tretton should co-host

  • TheRealMaxPower

    I would be happy if they just recorded a few videos using K. Butler and used them during the press conference. Would break up the monotony of these things.

    I am hoping one of the big three has a mind blowing presser and the other two don’t disappoint. Really hoping all have good new IPs to show off.

  • that would be awesome. sony’s e3 press conferences always feel a little too corporate. kb would be perfect.

  • wiiboy101

    your seriously suggesting a embarasing charactor from a sting of highly desperate embarasing adverts would be a wise idea THE ONLY FOLKS LIKING THE ADDS ARE THE HARDCORE PLAYSTATION FANS ALL OF WHOME ALREADY OWN A DARN PS3

    TO EVERYONE ELSE ON THE PLANET the adds and the pr charactor are highly embarrasing and the add campain looks dire and desperate frankly very sad

    sony wqent thru the whole price drop and slim thing then advertized it to the core ground who already own one

    that in its sewlf was deranged marketing no dout 3DS WILL OWN THE HELL OUT OF e3 2010 AND MOVE AND BATAL WILL FLOP HARD …..

    black wii,otheer m,galaxy 2 all hit usa around may and ps3 is still in 3rd place 2010/11 is just more pain for ps3 and psp and more operating loss and r&d loss at sony corp whilst nintendo owns the gaming industry even harder THOSE ADD CAMPAINS ARE EMBARASING TO SONY

  • Jay

    Your grammar and spelling is embarrassing. Not to mention, my Kevin Butler fan page has fans that don’t even like the PS3 or even own one, so your argument is flawed. Thank you, come again :P.

  • I’m thinking the “BATAL” will be a huge success. XD