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Miss Any Of Big KB Sony Ads? |

Miss any of Kevin Butler’s Ads from Sony? Don’t worry I got 12 hilarious ones.

I find him a HUGE success in promoting for Sony. Hes a guy i would hang out with, every commercial puts a smile on my face. I just wanna know where the heck he came from, I’ve never seen him any where before Sony picked him up. Anyways enjoy Kevin Butler in his awesome job at Sony.


  1. I’d like to see the 360 even come close to kevin butler.

  2. He’s Jerry Lambert! Had appearances on Everybody Loves Raymond, did Geico commercials (he played an executive of sorts who had a monotone camera voice haha), a holiday inn commercial, a supposed appearance on that 70s Show, and was also on Scare Tactics (and a few other shows)

  3. To young for some of that and others like that 70s show i don’t like either way hes really funny. LOL i saw that one just didn’t know who he was.

  4. I remeber the Geico one! I think that’s where I reconize Butler from.

  5. syanu79

    son of the…….mag….hhahaa funny …maybe he’s the next big thing in comedy

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