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Miss Any Of Big KB Sony Ads? |

Miss any of Kevin Butler’s Ads from Sony? Don’t worry I got 12 hilarious ones.

I find him a HUGE success in promoting for Sony. Hes a guy i would hang out with, every commercial puts a smile on my face. I just wanna know where the heck he came from, I’ve never seen him any where before Sony picked him up. Anyways enjoy Kevin Butler in his awesome job at Sony.

  • I’d like to see the 360 even come close to kevin butler.

  • Jay

    He’s Jerry Lambert! Had appearances on Everybody Loves Raymond, did Geico commercials (he played an executive of sorts who had a monotone camera voice haha), a holiday inn commercial, a supposed appearance on that 70s Show, and was also on Scare Tactics (and a few other shows)

  • To young for some of that and others like that 70s show i don’t like either way hes really funny. LOL i saw that one just didn’t know who he was.

  • I remeber the Geico one! I think that’s where I reconize Butler from.

  • syanu79

    son of the…….mag….hhahaa funny …maybe he’s the next big thing in comedy