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Moviegoers Eager for 3D |

The LA Times ran an interesting article on stereoscopic 3D movies:

  1. About 52% of ticket sales from “Clash of the Titans” were from 3D ticket sales despite the fact that 3D tickets generally charge a premium over 2D tickets.
  2. Clash of the Titans pulled in a box office draw of $61.4 million. Market Analysts estimate that if the film were only released in 2D, it’s draw would have only been $41.4 million.
  3. The 3D effects in Clash were actually low quality, because the film was originally made to be 2D and the 3D effects were retrofitted after the fact. Many fans of 3D technology are predicatably insulted by this.

One studio chief, commented anonymously to the LA Times:

“You can make so much more money with 3-D that it essentially puts a tax on 2-D dramas, romantic comedies and other projects, since they just won’t project the same kind of box-office potential.”

  • I heard Clash of the Titans wasn’t good in 3D so I passed on the 3D version. Man I’m glad I did, not a movie I’d see again, but it was a ok movie.

    Actually it made me want to go home and play God of War 3!

  • ^^ same thing I did. Passed on the 3D version. Movie was nice still

    lol speaking of GOW, all throughout the movie I was under the impression that Zeus is the main bad guy haha.. thanks to GOW

  • Legion213

    I actually find 3D to be distracting. I saw Alice in Wonderland in 3D. It seemed to take away from the actual movie experience because I forces you to focus more on the visuals rather then the story or what’s going on.

    It is a neat gimmick though. Not sure if it is necessary all the time, in every movie. Maybe action flicks and Pixar movies. But I don’t want to see Clash of the Titans in 3D or Ironman 2. Maybe if I watch it a second time.