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Will The CoD Franchise Ever Be The Same Again!? |


As expected, two more key developer’s of the Call of Duty franchise has left the studio, following the earlier departure of Infinity Ward bosses Vince Zampella and Jason West over allegations of “breaches of contract and insubordination”.

Kotaku is reporting that lead software engineer Francesco Gigliotti and Todd Alderman, a lead designer and one of the key personnel involved in Modern Warfare’s multiplayer and story line has both left the studio this week, a month after the two key figures of the studio was sacked by Activision. According to the game site:

The circumstances under which Alderman and Gigliotti left the studio are unclear, though a source close to the studio suggests they both resigned.

In my opinion Mw2’s story was horrible and short. But they claim that the multiplayer is where it’s at. It feels just like the last two COD games. They haven’t changed anything, oh maybe titles and emblems, but does anyone care? BFBC 2 has destructible levels, MAG has 256 player modes. While neither of those two games aren’t perfect, at least they are trying something new for multiplayer. I feel cheated by this game and I hope Activision loses this franchise forever.

So what does this mean for The Call Of Duty Franchise? I would like you guys to say something about this. What do you think will happen to the Cod Franchise?

Source [Kotaku]

  • Jay

    They’ll milk the franchise to death until the sales won’t warrant a sequel. It’s their cash cow. This is, unless, someone steps up and rebuilds the franchise properly and Activision allows them to work independently, but I don’t see that happening in the foreseeable future, since over the past 5 years or so, Activision’s greed increased tenfold, along with a power-hungry demeanor.

    As far as BFBC2 goes, I’ve been having a blast with that game. Sure, it’s got flaws, but the multiplayer is so awesome, MW2 doesnt even come close (and personally, I didn’t care for the story all that much in either titles, but MW2 still had the edge. Both were WAY too short and for a franchise like Call of Duty, where a lot of focus was on single player in the past, I feel ripped off by the experience, especially, as you said, the multiplayer really didn’t evolve much over the past two games)

  • Royalty32

    IW needs to be an independent studio. ASAP

  • Mike

    The franchise will continue to sell on name recognition alone in the short term. 11 million people didn’t care that Treyarch developed World at War. The problem is that brand name will not carry it forever. The huge jump in popularity from COD2 to COD4 was because of the ideas of the people who implemented a terrific leveling system to the multiplayer and brought the franchise into modern times. They are not going to see that kind of boost again with the top people gone.

    Activision has already milked Tony Hawk and Guitar Hero to death. Call of Duty’s decline is starting with this nonsense, though it will take a few years for Activision to realize how badly they have screwed up. With a decline in Call of Duty sales, and The Old Republic building a large audience next year, Activision’s cash cows may be about to start running dry. It is all self inflicted damaged that they whole heartedly deserve, so tough shit for them.

  • Legion213

    I hope it dies.

    That way the defected can start over. Not be pressured by Kotek and create a decent game for once. Modern Warfare has always been a good game. But it always lacks in certain areas.
    While the single player is always fun. It is way way to short. Multiplayer has been its main aspect which makes it sell well. But the maps are to small and its more like a arcade run and gun and take no strategy or team work what so ever. While a game like Battle Field Bad Company 2 have great multiplayer.

    If you take BC2 multiplayer with MW2 polish. You have the perfect war setting multiplayer.

  • code

    since when destructible levels and big MP numbers are new and original ? so, battlefront is permitted to milk the cow, and MAG is allowed to be an average game with bazillion people in, but MW cant have a sequel to their great game with minor changes, come on, people just like to complain ” OMG it changed to much, OMG it didnt change at all”. thay are going to make this games until they cant sell no more of them, and about changes ? yes, a lot more zombies.

  • Smegmazor

    I don’t really care whether COD dies or not. I’m done with Popshooters.

  • Royalty32

    While BFBC2 does have a great MP and though it might be able to stand toe 2 toe with MW2 MP it still is not better. Yeah u guys will say different and ask me to prove it. To prove my answer correct all i have to say is more ppl play MW2 than BC2 and thats fact. Yeah it had a 4 month head start but u have to realize that within those 4 months ppl should be getting tired of MW2 and switch over to BC2 but they didnt. Theyre are 10+ million ppl still playin MW2 (myself included). CoD definitly doesnt need to die and it wont anytime soon. they just need to change the strategy a bit.

  • Smegmazor

    Royalty, the fact that so many people play MW2 doesn’t mean it’s better. It just means that more people like it than the other shooters out there. That’s like saying Lady Gaga is an outstanding artist because so many people listen to her music. Well, I think her music sucks and that there are plenty of way better artists out there than her.

    Same thing with MW2. More people like it, but it isn’t a fact that it’s the best shooter out there. Best selling, yeah, but for it to be the best is really something for the eye of the beholder

  • code

    Because you dont like lady gaga doesnt mean is bad music, the same with games, this is the case with professional reviewers that write ” Dont buy this game, is terrible” when the trick of games is that we all play it differently, and we all enjoy it in differents ways, there are some people that dont even touch the multiplayer, and there are some that only enjoy the campaign. MW2 is like an expansion of MW, and I dont see anything wrong about that. there is no destructible wall, or 300 hundred people squad that can beat the feeling of the MW2 MP, even with all the flaws.

  • Royalty32

    Well said code. My point is u guys are bashin MW2 like its not the best MP FPS on the market. Yes BC2 MP is really good but when it comes to jus pure fun MW2 wins hands down.

  • Smegmazor

    Code, that is exactly my point. Even though people do like her music, it doesn’t mean it’s good music, as well. It’s only good to the beholder. Saying MW2 is bad or good doesn’t make it a fact because of the sales numbers. One can say it’s a fact that it’s the best selling shooter in video game history, but to say it’s the best is merely opinion.

    You pretty much stated the same thing I did, only you happen to be fan of MW2. For me, it’s crap. I can say it’s the worse Popshooter to ever be created, yet, that too is merely an opinion.

    So you see, there are those of us who think this game won’t die, and those of us who think it will, or just don’t care. One can defend MW2 all they want, as they have the right to do so. But it still doesn’t make their opinion of the game a fact.

  • Royalty32

    i see wat u sayin Smegmazor