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Blu-ray earns US$ 331M from Q1 2010 sales |

There’s no doubting now that the Blu-ray is the chosen HD format of this generation. Home Media Magazine and’s data reveal that a whopping 68.5% increase of Blu-ray sales were incurred in Q1 of 2010.

The data gathered were from the aggregate weekly estimates from the magazine’s research department, as well as the site’s sales information. Translated into numbers, 68.5% would be US$ 331.30million. The data also showed that Blu-ray “accounted for 12.3% of packaged-media sales revenue in the first three months of the year (versus 7.0% in Jan-Mar 2009).

Congrats to Sony and the Blu-ray team, then!


  • Luke

    Found this on Yahoo:

    “Now that Blu-ray is finally on the uptick, the Blu-ray Disc Association, which manages the standard and its technical specifications, is upping the ante by increasing its maximum capacity”.

    It seems like the new format will hold 128GB, the thing that sucks is the new format won’t be compatible with the older blu-ray players and even an firmware update won’t save the PS3.

    So yeah I would say Blu-ray is the clear winner.

  • Luke: even an firmware update won’t save the PS3

    Bummer, ah well.

  • Luke

    I guess it’s because the laser needs to be stronger. They are going to make it on several layers so I guess the current PS3 laser won’t cut it.

  • Royalty32

    HD DVD had no chance from the start. Blu-ray will be around for another 5-10 yrs before something new comes out IMO. Best believe M$ will be jumpin on the banwagin with the next Xbox.

    Yes that does suck

  • Luke

    SONY said it themselves that within 5 years Blu-ray won’t even be the main choice anymore, as it seems everything is going digital.

  • I don’t like the idea of all games moving to digital download. I won’t be able to trade in my old game that way, lol.

  • What the hell you gonna do with 128 GB anyway on the ps3 killzone 2 used 30 gb uncharted 2 used 30-40gb i just wouldn’t see any use for 128gb on ps3 anyway ha. Maybe when 3d games come out they’ll take up more room on the blue-rays.

  • EdEN

    Well, I’m part of the statistic. I got Star Trek, Iron Man, Ice Age 3, all 3 Pirate of the Caribbeans, Wolverine Origins, Goodfellas, Pan’s Labyrinth, Monsters Inc., Pinocchio, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Coraline, Dark Knight, Matrix and Narnia 2 on Blu-ray between January-March 2010.

  • ^Lol good for you man wish i could have some of them in Blue ray.