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Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Package DLC May 5th |

Robert Bowling announced today via his twitter that the Xbox timed exclusive Stimulus Package for MW2 will be on PS3 by May 5th.

The Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Package DLC will hit PS3 in North America on May 4th, everywhere else May 5th. PC gets it worldwide on May 4th

No word on pricing but expect it to be £10/$15 like it was on the Xbox. Are you willing to pick it up for that price or have you moved on to other titles like BBFC2?

  • Heemz

    BF2! Love the teamwork!

  • Ace

    I’ll get it from a friend i can’t afford it for both consoles. I also love BFBC2

  • Blackstaffer

    I think I’ll be getting it.

  • TheRealMaxPower

    I really wish NO ONE would buy it at that price. If you played MW, you are really only getting 3 new maps. That is $5 a map. Especially after all of the crap that went on with this game.

    Activision should have GAVE us some maps for free. Kind of a “thank you” for dealing with our mistakes. With 2.5 million+ buying the map pack for 360 I imagine numbers will be very good for the PS3 also.

    I just know this is going to show other developers with popular online games that they can get away with overcharging for map packs. I refuse to pay for them at $15. The second map pack will also be 3 new maps and 2 recycled. In the end we overpay $10 for both. It is total crap to me.

  • Burke93_

    I agree with therealmaxpower , after all the profit the game has made so far since release you would think that infinaty ward would give us the map pack for free .
    Or even if we do pay the 15$ for the map pack , but in the future if more map packs are released that the people who bought them would get them for free.

  • David10

    I agree with Burke93 after we pay £300 pounds for the console (PS3) and then an extra £40 for MW2. You would think that Infinity Ward would give us some free maps for all that money we’ve paid. And all the profit they’ve made selling the game mounting to over £195 million and making a revenue of over £1.04 billion. I’m sure they can spend a few thousand on a few map packs for the consumer!!!

  • Getting tired of the old maps, thinking about getting the new package, but for $15? Maybe.