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Red Dead Redemption: First Multiplayer Trailer Revealed! |

Earlier today, Rockstar Games released it’s new multiplayer trailer, which features some of the gameplay surrounding “Free Roam”. Some of the cool things you can do? Well, you can, of course, just roam around solo, look for other players and just kill them (I can see that happening quite a bit :P), participate in some challenges, or even form posses (up to 8 players in a posse). Hunting in the hunting areas sounds like a fun mode, with waves of animals attacking you.

The waypoint system on the map seems to do a decent job of pointing you in the direction you need to go as well. Free Roam also allows for up to 16 players (which means 2 large posses or more smaller ones). As far as leveling up goes, there are 50 levels, which help unlock new players, mounts, etc. All in all, it sounds really cool. I’ll definitely be picking the game up when it’s released next month. Rockstar Games will be releasing more videos and other modes available in multiplayer as well, within the coming weeks.

  • Smegmazor

    Damn! This game is going to be awesome!

  • I seriously cant wait for this game.

  • Darrin

    Wow! This looks amazing, innovative, ambitious, and unlike other games.

    I’m still skeptical that this plays as well as it looks. It’s really hard to gauge online play from this type of preview video.

    GTA 4 multiplayer looked great too, and it did have some amazing moments to it, but everyone (including myself) lost interest in that fairly quickly.

    Also, all the really successful multiplayer hits (MW2, KZ2, U2, MAG, BF:BC2) didn’t stray very far from very simple play mechanics. I’m very eager to try this out.

  • Ace posse WOOT WOOT! i will also be getting this game (already pre-ordered)


    this looks like its going to be the bomb… booyah

  • I have to agree, this game looks awesome.

  • Heemz

    Looks amazinggg!!!!!! Was already sold on SP but this makes it double awesome!

  • TheRealMaxPower

    This may be GOTY. They are still holding back multiplayer details that they say are the best info yet. I pre-ordered this through BB so I get the War Horse (the other pre-orders seemed like cheats).

    I just hopes the game has the polish it needs. If there are no glaring problems I call game of the year.

    The info on this should start to ramp up these final few weeks. Excitement really couldn’t get more intense for me!