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SOCOM 4 Beta confirmed |

The PlayStation Move event in Seattle apparently yielded some very interesting news, one of which is the confirmation of a Beta for SOCOM 4 on the PlayStation 3.


Zipper Interactive, as represented by Jill Webber, confirmed that a beta will indeed be coming up for the game, although no specific date was given out for it. At least, what’s important is that we know we’ll be seeing more of SOCOM 4 pretty soon.

Via [The Ironstar Movement]

  • Klass1K

    I hope I am able to participate in this beta. I also HOPE Zipper actually reads our feedback in the private forums and fix the issues unlike SlantSixGames did. Great to see a beta announcement though. 🙂

  • Ace

    Can’t agree any more than that statement, I think Zippers does listen to the gamers way more than SlantSix (feedback wise).

  • Jay

    I wonder if I can get into this beta to coincide with the Move beta I got in 😛

  • johhny

    please send me a beta code i will higly appreciate it i you guys sent me one

  • come_hurr

    send me a code dont want to by kill zone

  • ben d

    send me code please