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No Fuss Reviews Surveys 500,000 on Console Failure Rate |

So, apparently, No Fuss Reviews had surveyed 500,000 people (via visitors being randomly surveyed that come from search engines; they also used measures to reduce duplicate submissions) on whether their consoles had failed and how many times they needed to get repaired or replaced. Well, here are the results of the survey:

42% of 360s?! I know, personally, I’m on my third one. PS3 being at 8% isn’t too bad, though. Wii’s is very low, but is that because it’s really well built or people just don’t play it enough? 😛 Anyway, they had follow-up questions as well, concerning how many times they needed to be repaired/replaced. Those numbers can be seen after the jump. They kind of make you wonder how many 360 sales are due to multiple purchases because of faults as well.

  • More than once:
    • 360: 55%
    • PS3: 12%
    • Wii: 0%
  • More than two times:
    • 360: 39%
    • PS3: 8%
  • More than three times:
    • 360: 12%
    • PS3: 2%
  • More than 4 times:
    • 360: 6%
    • PS3: 1%
  • More than 5 times:
    • 360: 3%
    • PS3: 1%


  • EdEN

    Ah, taking the cheap shot at the Wii. Always a classic everywere but oooh so wrong. I’ve owned mine since launch and own over 60 games for it. It’s been getting non stop play from me since December 2006 and I look forward to another 3-4 years from it due to all the great games being released and the backlog I currently have.

    Yeah, I know it was a joke by you, but maybe I’m feeling a bit sentimental this sunday hahaha.

  • Wii is more sturdy, it’s components are not as delicate. The older a tech gets (it uses old tech from the start) the more sturdy it gets, as the processes that are used to produce the hardware is much refined.

    By the way, I thing you meant “after the jump” :=)

  • Ah, checking the numbers, you don’t specify what the percentage is for “more than once”, of course, logically, the percentage always has to get lower so it cannot be the percantage of total users; but you shouldn’t leave it to the reader to figure that out.

    The percentages for “more than once” and the rest is percentage among the people who had to get their console fixed.

  • Royalty32

    I know this is ps3blog but to defend the 360, its failure rate is really not that bad. I mean ppl who bought an xbox 360 after the fact that we knew about the RROD should of known how to take care of it. Like when ppl know that the 360 get hot quickly but yet they still but it on carpet for some dumb reason. Or the ppl who still has there 360 vertical instead of horizontal. Its stuff like that. that makes it seem like the 360 is a piece of crap when its really not all that bad. Ive had my 360 for a min now and ive had no problems, the only problem ive had on game freezing, but that normal on all consoles. Im not xbot or 360 fanboy but the 360 is really a nice machine if u take care of it.

  • Jay

    I took care of my 360, but it still failed me multiple times. The failure rate really is that bad, and I know from experience. And as for the games freezing, my 360 does a really good job of doing that all the time. If I were to play a game for a 24 hour period on either console, my 360 would have frozen about 10 times for every two that my PS3 would have

    @Emrah: Well, more than once would specify a failed console of at least 2 times, so it could specify folks who needed to repair their consoles 10 times even. I know you figured that out, but I’m sure other people would get that as well. The way I see the survey working is they would ask the first question, some people would say no (the survey would stop there) or go on to the “more than once” question if yes, etc, etc, so, for the 360 at least, 55% of the original 42% had to get it repaired again at least one more time. So, out of 210,000 failed 360s, 115,500 of those had to be replaced/repaired a second time, and so on

  • Royalty32

    Well Jay maybe u was jus unlucky with ur 360. Mine still works fine. I dnt have a launch 360 but ive had a Elite(HDMI included) for a while. One more thing……Why in the HELL are u playing games for 24hrs, u dnt like sleep or something. Of course its gonna freeze when u had it on all day. It does need time to rest and cool down. No wonder u had problems. Something that i also dnt get is consumers know that the 360 has a high failure rate and yet there still ahead of Sony by 6 million units?????

  • Jay

    You need to fully read things before you comment. I never play for 24 hours straight, I was simply giving an example of how many time my 360 would freeze after 24 hours of play, which my estimate would be 10, while my PS3 would only freeze twice, or, at least, far less than my 360 would.

    luck has nothing to do with the console failure, but it has everything to do with bad hardware design. The newer elite systems are definitely a lot more reliable, but that’s besides the point.

    and as for this bit:

    Royalty32: Something that i also dnt get is consumers know that the 360 has a high failure rate and yet there still ahead of Sony by 6 million units?????

    Probably because their friends have a 360 and most 360 users are in denial. And Sony is only behind by about 5.4 million now, but if these numbers are true, and there are 39.2 million 360s sold, since a lot of people just go out and buy a new console after the original breaks, the margin of active consoles and users would actually be much closer

  • lordincubus

    Yeah 360’s break but what do you expect from a system that was rushed to market. Microsoft has a history of creating buggy software and hardware. The Wii is a last gen system in terms of what is inside. I doubt there is going to be an issue with a system that is running tech from 2002. Ps3’s 8% is a good solid number for a system that was just created and redesigned.

  • Royalty32

    Well im curious about the pics that hit the web about the smaller 360 motherboard. I believe it to be true that MS is coming out with a smaller xbox360. I mean why not, look at all the success the ps3 had since launching the ps3 slim. So maybe with the smaller unit it wont have a high failure rate. If they do come out with a 360 slim better believe ill be selling the one i have now for the smaller one. Hopefully well have more news at E3 10.

  • Jay

    PS3’s success isn’t because of the system redesign, it was more the price cut than anything, especially since the fat PS3s looked a lot better

    and they used smaller components on the new units (65nm for the processors now I believe) which helped with the reliability, despite being in the same case

  • Mark

    Not sure on this one as my Ps3 and a good few of my friends have experienced the YLOD, which is a real kick in the teeth as I had to buy a new PS3 slim. Now the new PS3 is very good, but I would have liked a discount for being a “loyal customer”. apart from YLOD not sure about other technical issues.

  • Jay

    you should have seen the RROD fiasco on the 360. Far more common than YLOD will EVER be. It was so bad, that, in order to avoid a class-action suit, Microsoft had to expand their warranty to 3 years just for that issue alone

  • Azure

    Ps3 is a 45nm CPU and 65nm gpu. Soon the gpu is being shrunk to 45nm. Since someone mentioned it was only 65nm

  • Jay

    I was referring to the newer 360 models (which might be 45 as well, but I wasn’t sure)

  • My son has had his xbox360 for almost 2 years and never a single problem.

  • Jay

    he lucked out then lol