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It’s not the “PS3 Nunchuk”, it’s the “Navigation Controller” |

Okay, you guys can stop calling it the PlayStation Move’s “Nunchuk” now. Sony’s secondary controller for its motion technology apparatus now has an official name: Navigation Controller.


So says the information sheet up on the US PlayStation Blog, “The supplementary controller adds diretional buttons, an analog stick, and two shoulder buttons into the PlayStation Move’s control scheme. Used in most of the PlayStation Move games that require navigating an in-game character, it replicates the control features of the left side of the DualShock wireless controller into your PlayStation Move experience.”

Here are the key features of the Navigational Controller:

  • Wireless control completely untethered from the PlayStation®Move motion controller.
  • Intuitive navigation of in-game characters
  • Easy and intuitive XMB™ menu navigation.
  • Built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • Charge the controller and automatically pair with the PS3™ system via a USB cable
  • Up to two motion controllers and two navigation controllers can be connected at once to the PS3™ system.
  • Note- DUALSHOCK®3 wireless controller can be used in place of the navigation controller for all games that are compatible with the navigation controller

Nice name, by the way.

Via [PlayStation Blog US]


  1. it was called the “Sub-Controller” lol

  2. Macdory

    Interesting note at the end – so there is no need at all for me to buy one of these if I can hold my current controller 1 handed?

  3. Well, if you can use the Dualshock then why release this? They should have just gone with a 2 Move package and be done with it.

  4. Depending on the game it may be easier to use the Navigation Controller rather than the DS3.

  5. plus, even using the DS might seem awkward since the center of gravity of the controller would be off-hand, thus, unbalanced, but it wouldn’t be too bad

  6. Hope it works with Buzz.
    The PS3 wireless ones were cheap crap, so I have to use the old PS2 ones. They work fine but I don’t love the wires.

  7. legion213

    What is kind of strange is. What if the game requires 2 motion controllers? Doesn’t that limit the ability of navigation as well?

    They showed off the Bow and Arrow demo as needing 2 motion controllers. So if a game requires 2. Then it will have to be a stationary game. Why not just pop a glow ball on the “Navigation controller” as well?

  8. that’s what I thought. and a way to do that, what I proposed anyway, was a detachable tracking ball that uses like a USB attachment, or something like the connection used on the Wii’s nunchuck to connect to the wiimote so it’d be more secure.

    Of course, in order to make it function properly, the nav/sub controller would also need the gyros and motion detecting as well as the tracking (so it recognizes twists, etc as well)

  9. Royalty32

    Im wonder how much better will PS Move be over Wii Motion Plus. Yes i get the better accuracy but what else. The only other thing i can think of is HD graphics. I mean dont get me wrong im still on board but after thinkin bout im like if all we get on wii is party games what will be so different wit PS Move.

  10. full 3D motion tracking as opposed to 2D with accelerometer

  11. Royalty32

    ????? Jay

  12. the Wii can only do 2D tracking because of the infrared light. It can recognize relative 3D movement only by accelerometers (which are devices that recognize movement based on directional force, so once the Wiimote stops moving, the Wii has no idea how close or far the wiimote is from the sensor).

    The PS3’s Move uses the Eye to recognize and track the orb at the top by not only following it’s shape and color, but recognizing the size of it as well, and with it recognizing the size, it knows how close or far the orb is to the camera and thus, enables 3D tracking. It can also follow angle and rotation the same way the DS3 and Wiimotes do as well, with accellerometers and gyros (gyros detect angle, etc. by changes in weight shift, etc; it’s like what the Segway uses to keep it balanced when you lean either forward or back)

  13. Royalty32

    I see. Impressive.

  14. Still, with WM+ there isn’t that much of a difference with the Move.

  15. the games arent taking any creative advantage with it right now, but lets see the Wii actually do this stuff:

  16. Impressive tech indeed, but Sony’s battle with be install base. The Wiimote comes standard with the over 60 million consoles sold. WM+ is only $10-20 extra per Wiimote. The Move is probably going to be $99 per core package (Navigation, Move, PS Eye and Minigames) and it has to convince at least 20% of the total install base to purchase the Move in order for this to make sense. Same goes for Natal.

    My interest in Move? I want to be able to play RE 5 with the RE4 Wii Edition controller layout.

  17. the only way either is going to get sales is through advertising and differentiating themselves from the Wii by offering up different gaming experiences. Unfortunately for Natal, most of it’s possible experience can already be done on the Eye (but due to lack of public and developer interest, and lack of advertising, no one took advantage of it). but the Move can totally offer up new stuff.

    Also, given the price of the bundle and everything, Sony can get current PS3 owners who don’t own a Wii, but have an interest in Motion Control, could do so on PS3 and spend less money doing it (if you add in the costs of everything on the Wii side, it adds up to a lot more in relation). The real question is, will people still find the motion control and user friendliness relevant when the Move comes out, especially since Wii sales have slowed a bit?

  18. Well, on the sales side both the PS3 and the Wii were in low supply after selling like crazy during the holidays. April’s numbers should paint a better picture.

    In the end it will all come down to their E3 showing and the games that support WM+, Move and Natal to see if they can get the customers interested.

  19. Royalty32

    Natal will sell more than Move. My prediction is base off the younger audience. You have to realize that 60 million ppl are already doin what Sony is offering. So 60 million ppl are not gonna go out and buy the same thing. Now with Natal u have to think like a child. Children are energetic all the time, bouncin here and there. Children also like playin videogames just as much as teens and adults. So just imagin mini games on Natal that have kids bouncin and doin stuff that they do outside. If MS targets this to all audience but has something in it for children, theres no question that its gonna sell. Like myself, i will be buyin natal but not just for me but my two sons and even my fiance. So in the end if Natal plays its cards right then im sad to say but it will beat Move.

  20. even though the Eye has been out for years and does the same thing as Natal 😛

  21. Royalty32

    True but the tech wasnt there and lets be honest the Eye Toy was crap and went nowhere real fast. Thats why Sony HAD to make Move compatible with PS Eye. PS Eye was sinking just as fast. Im no way, shape or form tryna bash Sony but when i comes to what is gonna offer more imo i think its gonna be Natal.

  22. Natal will just offer the same stuff Sony’s Eye has. The only thing they did was hype it to death, yet, they don’t have ANY working demos. Far too many game genres only work with a control interface (shooters for instance) as more than just movement would be needed to register more minute aspects of gameplay. At least with the Move, they’ll be able to do more than Natal, and the Wii, ever could. You’d be blind to think otherwise. It’s just a matter of getting interest from the development community and gamers in general (and Sony’s doing a decent job of that. In fact there are a couple games announced to be coming only to the Wii and Move because it wouldn’t work with Natal. forgot their names, though)

    Also Eye was only a marketing failure. It wasn’t a failure on the technology side. Most of what Natal can do, the EyeToy on PS2 had already had the tech for:

    But since Sony never saw the Eye or EyeToy, until now, as a main game controlling function, they never capitalized on it via marketing and campaigning for it

  23. Royalty32

    Hmmm….. ya got me but consumers want something new and though Natal might be a Eye Toy upgrade no one is seeing it that way. Now as for Move constant Wiimote knockoff jokeS. Look i know Move is goona be awsome but what im sayin is that in sales Natal will be on top just for the simple fact of 60 million ppl arent gonna buy the same thing twice.

  24. Honestly i don’t see the Natal doing better than the move only because of the 3d tracking and IMO your always going to need some kind of buttons to press, there basically taking the playstation eye and throwing some new features into it. I also see the wii going no where there screwed because IMO now that the 360 and ps3 both have picked up motion tracking add ons to there systems sales are going to drop dramatically and the wii is going to be left behind in the dust.

  25. Don’t think the Wii will magically stop selling. A Wii with full motion controls is $200. A PS3 will be $400 between console and Move Core pack. Natal we have no price on. Consumers like spending less and getting more, and for the near future the Wii is just that.

  26. I didn’t say there going to stop selling i said “sales are going to drop dramatically” and it has already been proven that wii sales are droping and as of feb. the 360 took back over first place in sales.Source 😉 but ps3 numbers are way up from last year which is always good.

  27. Well, considering that the Wii and the PS3 sold as much as they did in December, the only console not in low supply during the 1st quarter was the 360.

    We’ll get a better idea of how the consoles will fare in the last 3 months once June’s sales are final.

    Still, It took me until last november to get a PS3 once the price came down low enough for my investment and I got a Wii at launch. More and more great games are to be released for both, so it will be interesting to see which franchises have more pull overall.

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