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PS3 has biggest percentage of internet-connected consoles in the US |

The Wii, the Xbox 360, and the PS3 all have online capabilities. But according to this report, the PS3 has the biggest percentage of units that are connected to the internet.

Research firm The Diffusion Group polled 2,000 adult broadband users in the US and found that 78% of PS3 owners have their console hooked up with internet. The Xbox 360 follows with a close 73%, while the Wii barely jumps the halfway hurdle with 54%.

“Today’s game consoles are increasingly connected to the internet, not just to enhance their gaming experience but to access the growing variety of online media-video,”said Michael Greeson, Diffusion Group research director.

Online play is one thing, but there are many other features that can be accessed via broadband connection. Netflix is one thing, and the PS3’s and Xbox 360’s online stores provide various media content for their install base. The Diffusion Group noted that the consoles are “best positioned to become the first mainstream over-the-top (OTT) video delivery platform.”

[via Gamasutra]

  • Jay

    also people need to keep in mind, this is percentage, not number. In terms of number, the Wii has the most connected consoles

  • Royalty32

    Surprising seeing that ppl own more 360’s that ps3’s

  • EdEN

    Wow, really? 2,000 people equals a good enough pool to account for almost 70 million console owners? 20,000 maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaybe, but 2,000 is a too low number to give us anything remotely accurate.

  • macdory

    To be fair, i recently bought a PS3 to sit in my living room and act as a media server and bluray player, and my 360 is in my study to play games. However, my gold subscription ended in December and I am yet to renew it – I now just buy games I want to play multiplayer on the PS3, and single player games for the 360.

    All the guff about MS offering better servers because you pay a subscription is mainly not true – most games are hosted by one of the players rather than dedicated central servers – so there is little to no advantage over PS3 – the only area that may be central is the Matchmaking, but this is generally hosted by the developer/publisher.

    Basic requirements like playing your game online should be part of the basic service as it is on PC and the PS3 – if companies want to add additional elements and charge for them then that is fine, as I can choose to use them or not, but charging for online gameplay is just plain wrong. Especially when you factor in the cut MS get for every game sold under their licence.

    So in summary – I find it insane for people to have to pay more to play games online, and for that reason I will not be renewing my XBOX Live, and I will play games on my PS3 and PC instead.

  • macdory

    I’ve just read teh study in more detail – Representative samples are absolute bollocks when the sample in question is a measly 2,000 of however many tens of millions of console owners.

    This doesn’t mean a damn thing.

  • They polled 2000 “adults”. If they polled 12-14 year olds then it would’ve been in the 360 favor. 😛

  • TheRealMaxPower

    The companies know how many consoles of theirs are connected to the internet. They also know what percentage of “everything you can think of”. All 3 of my consoles are connected to the net with 360 getting the multiplayer love and 360 and PS3 stores getting shopped regularly. Wii is a joke that I may check a few times a year.