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E3 2010 Predictions |


It’s that time of the year again.

E3 ’10 is still 2 months away but rumors about what gaming announcements will be revealed during the event in mid-June have already started building. We’ve already been promised a new Killzone will debut this year and a possible revealing of something new from Insomniac. What else can us gamers expect from the biggest gaming event of the year?

Final Fantasy Versus finally being announced for the 360? Diablo III heading to consoles?? Demon’s Souls 2???

Share your predictions for the big event.

  • Jay

    AAA Move title announcements, maybe a PSP2 announcement, Rockstar Games’ “Agent” finally being unveiled, and probably a lot of other stuff 😛 I think it’s going to be a big one for Sony, though

  • Royalty32

    I pray, I pray, I pray its a new Jak and Daxter game for ps3. If not that then maybe unveiling Infamous 2. Of course there gonna show off new stuff for move and hopefully they will say Kingdom Hearts 3 is in developmennt and exclusive to ps3.

  • Ace

    3d gaming haha, sony i’m surprised this year didn’t let anything slip out (yet) which is strange because every year something gets leaked. So i think sony is going to have a couple of bombs to drop on us which is going to be pretty cool. As jay said maybe a PSP2? or maybe some kind of subscription with new features. We shall see 8)

  • Royalty32

    MS and Sony both have something to prove at E3 this yr. Um, my prediction is who ever has the best lineup showcase of games coming out THIS year will win the yr of 2010 and dont be suprised if Uncharted 3 just happens to show up, yeah i know uts a long shot but to keep ps3 fans happy i think they have to show something that evolves Nathan Drake( which to me is the new face of PS3)

  • lordincubus

    Well Well well. The old showcase….Well I think this is going to be an E3 about motion and 3D. Sony will be doing everything they can to show off the PS3 Move and M$ will finally show off Natal as long as it works. I think Sony will have a few jaw droppers with 3D remakes of some games and also a 2 Triple A titles. I hope we see something about Zone of The Enders that would be amazing. As for insomniac I think we are just going to see a new IP which will be part of the 2 Triple A titles sony will show off. Oh and Halo reach to PS3…Jk

  • lordincubus: I hope we see something about Zone of The Enders that would be amazing.

    I’ve been wanting Zone of Enders 3 ever since the PS3 was first rumored! 😀

  • Royalty32

    Plz stop with the 3D gaming. Its a big waste and Sony hopefully will realize that.

  • kenny6774

    And don’t forget about Starhawk!!!! 🙂

    Can’t wait!!

  • EdEN

    Sony finally comes to their senses and allows for PSP games to be played directly on a PS3 (maybe even up-scaled) thus opening a new revenue door since right now they need all the money they can get.

    The might also announce the rumored “subscription model” for PSN. If they charge me $69.99 a year for full access to all minis and PS1 games as well as discounts on PSN games and DLC then I’ll be glad to enter the service for at least a year.

  • I totally forgot about 3D gaming.

    I bet that and Move is all Sony will talk about for the 1st hour of their conference.

  • If Diablo 3 or even Starcraft II hit consoles it’d be a miracle.

  • Ratchet and Clank minigame collection for the Move.
    Jak and Daxter mingames pack for the Move.
    Sly Cooper. PS3.
    Release date for The Last Guardian.
    More FF 14 stuff.
    A TON OF FF versus and cystalis (whatever)
    Kevin Butler doing a funny opening or introducing each of the segments.

    What I really want is Dark Cloud 3
    but we’ll probably get Kingdom Hearts 3 Minnies adventure.
    More RPG’s would be great.
    A Stand alone Expansion for Uncharted. Sully’s adventure would be awesome.
    Maybe Resistance 3 but maybe that franchise should rest a bit.
    I know they will talk about the PSP2 but they really shouldn’t. Handheld gaming needs either a really cheap device. Nintendo DS Scrap or a really expensive multi use device. iPad or any of the clones that will be coming out.

  • Royalty32

    Maybe they will be showing the God of War DLC.

  • 3D games would be cool! And I am hoping that Nintendo redeems themselves and announces a new Legend of Zelda game.

  • Chad

    Ok heres the rundown :

    1. Sony announes a prie drop for the psp 3000 so maybe it wont be at such an attractive price that the psp go looks more advanced in a way that your paying for more

    2. They talk about how playstation move is in some way better than natal.

    3. They announe a new rockstar or sony owned companies game

    4. Gran Turismo gets yet again another official release date