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Heavy Rain Reports Heavy Sales |

Released in February 2010, Heavy Rain has since poured into livingrooms and Blu-ray drives. So how heavy has Heavy Rain gotten? Try a million units worth.

That’s right, the guys at SCEA are happy to announce that the engaging, cinematic experience has sold enough units to breach the million mark. Here with a montage of the game’s positive reviews is a trailer from the PlayStation Blog.

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I Say a milestone was well-deserved. Almost all games published by Sony tend to reach million sales. I guess the hype and advertisements really helped. This is a great game though.

  • I still need to pick this game up. I just want to finish God of War 3 first.

  • Royalty32

    Awsome game and the Origami Killer will shock the hell out of ya. Congrats to the developers. Besides GoW3, Heavy Rain is the best cinamatic experience i ever had.

  • Jay

    I had posted the milestone in the quick news last week 😛

  • EdEN

    I’ll probably get this by the end of the year.

  • TheRealMaxPower

    I am waiting for it to hit the bargain bin. Too many other games I am interested in are out or coming really soon. I may just rent it.

    Glad to see it sold that well. Sony is probably happy with the sales. hopefully they make a sequel and fix the issues that people had with the game. They may get a nice budget to really push the next one.

  • I’ll be picking up the platinum edition of the game later on. I’m on a tight budget, construction works have a higher priority then fun atm.

    Didn’t even bug GOWIII yet, please don’t shoot me

  • Heavy Rain has got to be one of the must-have games of the year. I couldn’t put my controller down…Loved it.