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No 3D Blu-Ray Support for PS3 Until Much Later |

According to TechRadar, the PS3 will not be getting 3D support for blu-ray movies until further into the year. They will be releasing a new firmware update in June for the 4 announced 3D titles, though (so this will be an update for games-based 3D).How much later in the year is still to be determined, but for now, starting in June, only 3D games will work.



  1. Understandable due to PS3s use of HDMI1.3a
    Seems like 3D support for the PS3 will have to use a work around based on using the Progressive Scan part of the HD bandwith. As bandwith is the issue. HDMI 1.4
    So likely a game that would display at 720P in 2D will display 720i in 3D.
    This just a crude breakdown of how the thch will likely work.

  2. JustTheFactsMr

    Sinlock your right it is a crude breakdown because it’s wrong.

    HDMI 1.3 bandwidth is the same as 1.4.

    10.2 GBit/s

    3D Games will display in 720p on the PS3.

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