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Sales for March 2010 |

Hardware Sales (USA + Japan) for March

Platform United States Japan Total Year Over Year Change
PlayStation 2 118,000 8,975 126,975 -3.89%
Xbox 360 338,000 13,529 351,529 -3.34%
PlayStation Portable 119,000 233,478 352,478 -9.84%
PlayStation 3 313,000 194,794 507,794 +51.98%
Wii 557,000 164,228 721,228 +7.51%
Nintendo DS 700,000 207,801 907,801 +14.70%

USA Top Ten Software Sales

Title Platform Publisher Monthly Sales
God of War 3 PS3 Sony 1.10M
Pokemon SoulSilver version DS Nintendo 1.02M
Final Fantasy XIII PS3 Square Enix 828.2K
Battlefield: Bad Company 2 360 EA 825.5K
Pokemon HeartGold version DS Nintendo 761.2K
Final Fantasy XIII 360 Square Enix 493.9K
New Super Mario Bros. Wii Wii Nintendo 457.4K
Battlefield: Bad Company 2 PS3 EA 451.2K
Wii Fit Plus Wii Nintendo 429.6K
MLB 10: The Show PS3 Sony 349.2K


  • Pokemon, Final Fantasy, and Battlefield BC2 all outsold God of War 3 when combining SKUs.
  • PSP sales have really dropped in the US, but are extremely strong, and even outselling the DS in Japan.
  • In the US, and only in the US, 360 consoles continue to outsell PS3, despite PS3 having a better price/value ratio and a higher quality game library that sells higher volumes to a smaller user base. Interpretation: In the US, the Xbox 360 is selling on brand name, and not hardware quality, software library, or price/value ratio.
  • By most metrics, PS3 has cumulatively surpassed the 360 in Japan and regions other than Japan and US. Only in the US does the 360 maintain a cumulative sales lead.

(We don’t yet have complete Japan software sales for March. The data is available, but would require too much effort to compile. is about a month out of date)

  • EdEN

    There we go. I knew the Wii sales would pick up in March once supply was sent to stores thus proving that the system sales aren’t “cooling down”.

    E3 is going to be veeeeeeeeery interesting for all the console manufacturers…

  • GOW 3 is now the first PS3 exclusive to sell 1mil in it’s release month.

  • Jay

    PS3 killed it pretty good. What’s more, MLB 10 the Show made the top 10 as well? wow

  • Royalty32

    LETS GO!!! Ps3 beats 360 once again. Man is it good to be s ps3 owner. Wait……..God of War 3 sells 1 million in less than a month, oh thats crazy.

  • TheRealMaxPower

    I don’t see the big deal including Japan. They have tastes in gaming that are opposite of the rest of the world. Good for hardware numbers but many games made for them NEVER come to the US or Europe. I could care less about Japan and what they buy.

    I also STRONGLY disagree with the statement the PS3 has a better gaming lineup. That is a subjective comment, not fact! Since most cross platform games perform better on the 360, I don’t see how that can be considered true (I buy cross platforms bases on their performance most of the time).

    When only comparing consoles and not PC gaming, The 360 has more games that I want to play. Fact is I don’t know a single person who owns a gaming PC. Everyone is on a console now and I am talking about dozens of people. If you can play MS exclusives great, fact is the majority of people cannot.

    I love my PS3, but I find myself buying very few games for it. The games I do buy are great but there are bunch that just aren’t to my tastes. Game lineup is subjective to each person. Blanket subjective statements like yours take credibility away from the entire article.

    Hardware reliability has improved drastically with the 360, as it has with the PS3. I wouldn’t tell anyone to not buy a 360 or PS3 today at all. Their failure rates are along the lines of any other electronic purchase.

    The US is by far the largest region of gaming and has the largest influence on game development. IF 95% of 360’s sold are to the US, awesome. 95% of the games will be developed for American tastes. IF 50% of PS3 sales are in the US, 50% of the games developed will be for other countries that have different tastes. I would much rather have the system putting out games made for me and not the French, Japanese, Germans, etc.

    I get much more value out of my 360. It has more games, Use it as my music server (just works better than the PS3), and my enjoyment from it is much higher than my PS3. Everyone is different.

    Please stop throwing crap into these posts. It isn’t needed and is YOUR opinion!!!!

  • Darrin

    I completely respect your opinion. You think the 360 is better, great. That’s obviously subjective. Start a thread in the forum and I’ll be happy to join in.

    I did put all the subjective interpretation and opinion stuff under a big “Commentary” headline. I think readers want a little bit of interpretation and opinion, otherwise what’s the point of this site?

  • Gibb

    wow.. Kratos > Pokemon… THERE WILL BE ONLY CHAOS!!!

  • The PS3 and 360 are competing in more than just North America, MaxPower. May as well show the whole picture.

  • maybe we should consider a customized MaxPower chart 😉

    btw, your ‘360 has more games’ line is crap too, stop living in the past.

    which console would you select for following x-platform games:
    FFXIII, Just Cause 2, Darksiders, GTAIV, Batman AA, BlazBlue, Dead Space.

    this “small” list of excellent games also instantly destroys your ‘most perform better on 360’ crap.

  • Ace

    +51.98% Up from last year thank god people are starting to relize the ps3 isn’t just a blu ray player, haha.

  • Royalty32

    We all know 360 has alot more games than ps3. What ppl dnt realize is that almost all the games on 360 are crap. Ps3 has fewer games but most of them are really good. Lets not get on exclusives cuz we already who gonna win there. Anyway its good to see ps3 doin well after a very disappointing lauch. I said before and ima say it again, ps3 will be ahead of 360 at the end of the year.

  • EdEN

    On exclusives? Nintendo.

  • Royalty32

    LOL! EdEN

  • Cool the PS3 is doing good.

    Whats with the japan sales dont count and there is no games crap. I really dont understand people that go to PS3 sites and rant about the 360. Must be some kind of ego boosting. LoL sigh

  • TheRealMaxPower

    Japan is 20% of the Market. Since the majority of games NEVER come to America, why do I care what Japan is doing? Even the games that get high praises do not sell well here. Just like our great games do not sell well there either. Outside of the same hardware, Japan and the rest of the world have almost nothing in common. That is why I do not care.

    I am done with this site. It is a disgrace what has become of it since its early beginnings. Henning had a good thing going and it is a shame what has happened. Oh well, not all of the Authors are bad, I just don’t care about coming here anymore. If you want to spew junk, take it to system wars. I do not watch Fox news for a reason and I will no longer come here for a similar one. Have fun with your greatest system of all time.

    The comment about which system to buy for, I buy for whichever system it performs best on. Thankfully I don’t have to contemplate buying a game or not due to a poor transfer. Most of the games you listed are not interesting to me and I will never purchase. Most of the games you listed I have no interest in and the couple I do, I own on the system that works best for me (have some on both systems). Most of those games are not broken like Bayonetta was. MW2 on PS3 to me is broken as the FPS are worse. To you that may be fine. I am sure some of the games you guys like are broken on 360. I don’t know because I don’t care about those games or bought them on PS3.

    It isn’t EGO boasting. It is flat out lying and I am trying to defend. If there were FACTS, it would be different. Lies are uncalled for and shouldn’t be posted. The PS3 has plenty going for it without childish fanboy crap. I come here to read about games that everyone is excited about. I don’t come to read posts bashing the 2 other systems I own. Especially since many of you don’t own the system you are bashing. Even if you do own it, I don’t care about your subjective view. Nothing is fact, only opinion. I can find someone who has whatever opinion I am looking for. Just seems most “Hate” the 360 here. Never mind the fact that many of the “innovations” Sony has brought out or coming are similar to 360 features or Wii features. Somehow you all look past all that.

    Whatever, say what you want as I will never see it.

  • Royalty32

    Wow MaxPower u really arent that bright. The website is called not, so why would the writers post anything 360 related. C’mon man if u gonna try and make a point then have ur facts straight before u start runnin ya mouth. This website is awsome and if u dnt like then leave. I was just like u, thinkin the 360 was the best thing ever but when i finally bought my ps3 slim i nver looked bac. I think ur just jealous because 360 owners was talkin some much crap about ps3 now they cant say anything cuz now they even know ps3 is better than 360 hands down and u know it to.

  • cookdog

    This is familiar… an xbox 360 vs ps3 debate. This time i kinda don’t care since my neighbor has a 360 and i can just go over to his place and play. I myself have a ps3, and it rulez. I still find myself playing my ps2 sometimes just cos i am nostalgic. Honestly, the ps3 is gonna sell more cos the 360 just has tooo many rated m games, and that is not too good. The ps3 has more games that appeal to everyone, so more people are gonna go for it.

    The Wii is almost redundant as it’s a kid’s toy, and not an actual gaming system like the ps3. Plus, with playstation move coming out later this year, the wii is gonna die. Unless the Nintendo Zeppelin comes out.

  • Darrin

    “why do I care what Japan is doing?”

    I didn’t tailor this post to you individually. Japan sales data is completely relevant in a sales post. If you don’t care what other people are buying… well, don’t read sales threads. I don’t know what else to tell you.

  • EdEN

    @Darrin: What to tell him? How about don’t give a **** about what he has to say? You can’t please everyone. Is like going to Go Nintendo and complaining about the pro Nintendo position of the site. Or complaining about not talking about trophies…

  • Darrin

    Good point EdEN.

    Now, about you preferring Nintendo exclusives… Do you really like Wii Sports and Mario Party over God of War and LittleBigPlanet? I don’t know what to tell you.

    jk 🙂

  • Ace

    Just because its doesn’t mean we can’t post anything about other consoles if people want to be fan boys let em i don’t care i own all three system and i don’t go around saying “THE WII KICKS PS3s and 360s ASS” why i would say that i don’t know thank god i never would but i think you got my point.


  • EdEN

    Just to get it out the way, as far as Wii exclusives go (1st and 3rd party), here’s my top 20:

    1) Super Mario Galaxy
    2) New super Mario Bros Wii
    3) Zack and Wiki
    4) Fire Emblem
    5) Super Smash Bros Brawl
    6) Deadly Creatures
    7) No More Heroes 2
    8) Muramasa
    9) A Boy and his Blob
    10) Metroid Prime Trilogy
    11) Litle King’s Story
    12) Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
    13) Wario Land: Shake It!
    14) No More Heroes
    15) Rabbids Go Home
    16) House of the Dead: Overkill
    17) Wii Fit Plus
    18) Punch Out!!
    19) Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles
    20) Dewy’s Adventure

    All consoles have great games. I’ve owned a Wii and DS (then Lite, then DSi) since launch and a PS3 since last november an so far I have 95 Wii games, 45 Wiiware games, 25 Virtual Console games, 85 DS, 20 DSiware games, 26 PS3 games and 17 PSN games. Will I ever get a 360? I don’t think so because the failure rate of the console is pretty high and I don’t want my investment to go down the toilet or have to wait a month every 3rd month for a replacement to arrive.

    Still, to each his own. Opinions are valid and welcome as long as arguments are presented. Bitching just for doing so is NOT an option.

  • Darrin

    OK, you are a serious Wii fan. I loved 1-3 on your list. 9, 11, 18 were interesting but far short of great in my book. I’m trying #7 right now.

  • EdEN

    You should give Deadly Creatures a go. One of the best games on Wii that unfortunately didn’t get enough sales. It’s $20 at Gamestop and worth every penny. I got it at launch at full retail and got a lot from it. Muramasa is great as well, a good button masher that goes for $30 right now.

    And yeah, A Boy and his Blob and Punch Out!! are short but oh what a great ride it was.

  • Darrin

    OK, I’ll definitely try Deadly Creatures.

    Just curious, what did you think of Ratchet Crack in Time or LittleBigPlanet?

  • EdEN

    Little Big Planet wasn’t my cup of tea. The platforming was a bit floaty and I really don’t have the time needed to actually make any worthwhile levels. Still I got it on sale for $20 so it’s at least good for a trophy run later in the year.

    On the other hand, I absolutely LOVE the whole Ratchet and Clank series (except Deadlocked which was arena based and story deprived) and both PS3 Ratchet games are great. Still have to finish A Crack in time because I’ve decided to download Quest for Booty first since I’d forgotten about that and had started playing A Crack in Time hahaha. Hopefully it’s one of the games featured in the Spring Fever 2010 sale.