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Sony Offering Free 3D Games Via PSN This June |

Sony will be offering four free 3D games to  European customers who purchase a new BRAVIA 3D TV June 4th. The 3D games are: WipEout HD, MotorStorm Pacific Rift, PAIN, and Super Stardust HD. No word yet if or when this deal will become available for the rest of the world. Source

  • Any prices on these 3D-HDTV sets?

  • BearAble

    From what I have read about the Sony 3D HDTVs, only the flagship LX900 line (which comes in 40, 46, 55 and 60 inch versions) will come with 2 pairs of glasses and one emitter. The other 2 models (may) require that you purchase either individual glasses ($133 each) and an emitter ($50), or a set of 4 glasses for $587. The article I read said that the LX900 “starts” at $3800 (converted from Yen) – which seems a wee bit pricey – if they are saying that this is the price of the 40″ version. Also, there seems to be confusion about what version of HDMI is required (1.4, or 1.3x ?) to transmit the 3D signal from the PS3 (which has HDMI 1.3a hardware in it) to the TV – Sony has mentioned that a firmware upgrade will be required to enable 3D on the PS3, but what about any A/V receiver that you may have sitting in between your PS3 and the TV? Seems like a very expensive upgrade, if you already have an investment in a decent HDTV + A/V Receiver setup.