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Thursdays no more for US PS Store Updates. |


Heads up, everyone! We’ve all gotten used to getting up on Thursdays looking forward to the latest PlayStation Update. That’s about to change now as Sony’s decided to move it up earlier in the week.

Starting on May 4th, you may start looking forward to Tuesdays instead of Thursdays. This bit of information was revealed in the April 15th Edition of Pulse. For Europe, there’s been some word that it’s going to be moved to Wednesdays instead.

No reasons were given as to this change in schedule, but really, does it matter? As long as we’re getting our weekly PS Store Updates, that’s all cool with us.

Via [PSN Stores]

  • Charlie


  • Ceidz

    Well.. this is not a big deal, but still cool nonetheless !

  • Kicks

    With a Tuesday US release and a Wednesday UK release they’ll be closer to each other.

    Are they sticking with the 7 PM EST timeframe? That’s the part I don’t like

  • Great, now I’ll be short of PSN Credits a couple of days in advance…

  • EdEN

    Maybe it’s to get releases BEFORE Xbox Live does? Still, if they move it to tuesday and STILL update until 7-8 p.m. then there’s something veeeery wrong with their system.

  • Jay

    I think it’s a semi-big deal. Especially if they can get them up in the morning (lol, yeah right). It was something I’ve been hoping for for a while, since Tuesday is our main new release day for movies and games. It’s just more logical.

    Plus, it’s one less thing the XBots get to ‘brag’ about. I grow tired of hearing them say things like “oh yeah? at least we get content on XBox Live first!” even if it is just two days lol

  • Macdory

    I’ve only bought Wipeout so far … any suggestions on what’s worth getting?

  • Jay

    depends on what you’re looking for

  • Ceidz

    I’ve enjoyed PixelJunk Shooter. It was an excellent value for 10$. It’s in 2D however but it’s still a masterpiece !