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Do PS3 Owners Want Splinter Cell: Conviction? |


Ubisoft’s Splinter Cell: Conviction is currently only available for Microsoft’s 360 and PC. What are the chances for a PS3 version down the road?

“We’ll have to see what decisions are made by Ubisoft’s management in the future,” the creative director of Conviction stated in a recent interview. “The decision for Conviction was purely a business move. Microsoft have been wonderful in    their support for Conviction.”

He added: “It’s been an absolute pleasure working with them on Splinter Cell Conviction.”

 With the current strong line up of games releasing for the PS3, would Ps3 owners lose any sleep over not being able to play Conviction? If someone without a 360 wanted to play Conviction they could simply buy it for the PC.

I’ve never been interested in Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell series myself so whether or not Splinter Cell Conviction is released on the PS3 doesn’t concern me. For the sake of argument, though,  let’s say Splinter Cell Conviction is released at a later date for the PS3.

Would you buy it?

  • Legion213

    I bought it and then finished it within 2 days. I couldn’t put it down, it was that fun.

    They changed a lot with this game but left out some key features of being a secret op out. Lock picking. Body moving, wide range of gadgets including night vision. Although you don’t really need it as the game turns black and white when you are in the shadows. Which seemed kind of annoying in the beginning but being in the shadows get harder and harder as the game progresses.

    Over all though I like they way they are taking this title. It’s more fast paced. No alarms for being spotted then game over. With the exception of the Co-op mode It feel likes you are playing a real bad ass. Like Jack Bauer or Jason Bourne. With some tweaks and fixes I can’t wait for the next one.

    That being said. PS3 owners are really missing out if they don’t own a 360 or buy this on PC. I haven’t played multiplayer since I refuse to pay for Live. But the single player alone is a blast. If you played any of the other ones. Especially Chaos Theory. You will get a lot more from the story. But it is not necessary as they explain what happened leading up to this point.

    I really do wish Splinter Cell hits the PS3 at some point. Because it’s good for both the company and consumer. Opening it up to a wider audience is a good thing and will let them keep making more. Being a fan of the series I’m already looking forward to the next one.

  • Legion213

    Opps, I mean Double Agent. Not Chaos Theory.

  • bad company

    no its to short i will stick with uncharted 2 and metal gear solid 4

  • Jay

    im gonna rent it on 360, but I’d love to see it come out for PS3, even if it’s down the road a ways. I’m sure that, since it was a business decision, either M$ payed for it, or, at the time of development, the PS3 seemed to be failing, so they decided to keep it on PC/360. But since things are turning around now, I’m about 70% sure they’ll bring it over to PS3 in the future, and a 100% chance the sequel to that will hit PS3 as well

  • Legion213

    @bad company
    I didn’t find it to be any shorter then Uncharted 2, Both took me about 8-10 hours to finish on the hardest difficulty.

  • Legion213

    Come to think of it. MGS4 is like a 8 hour game with a 12 hour movie. All three games are the normal length of 8-12 hours.

  • Mike

    I just played through it on Xbox 360. The campaign is short and underwhelming but the co-op modes are the saving grace. Hunting people down or completing objectives with a partner is a lot of fun. That said once I finish the co-op missions I’m not sure there would be anything to draw me back. I am renting it and I think I’ll be all set with it once it goes back to Gamefly.

  • Royalty32

    One word…………NO!

  • EdEN

    Unless they’ve reaaaaaaaaaaally changed the way it’s played, it’s a no for me. Never could get into the games in the franchise but I’ve heard good things about the new one.

  • genbatzu

    Splinter Cell
    • 19.11.2002 – XBox Release
    • 19.04.2003 – PS2 Release

    Splinter Cell – Pandora Tomorrow
    • 23.03.2003 – XBox Release
    • 15.06.2004 – PS2 Release

    Splinter Cell – Double Agent
    • 17.08.2006 – XBox360 Release
    • 17.03.2007 – PS3 Release

    so this SC will definitley come to PS3

  • WhyWai

    Will play it if it’s released on Ps3. Look interesting, but not a must play list for me.

  • Macdory

    It’s only a 5-7 hour game in any case – not really worth wasting a bluray on it …

    Ubi are on my “shit list” anyway, given the dumb DRM on PC releases … just look at their releases – all just rehashed games, and no original IP.

  • EdEN

    Might end up being a weekend rental just to get some trophies and the U Play points.

  • jerry

    I don’t know. This game looks like crap graphically. The gameplay and sound seem really well done. But I would probably get bored with a game that is running on the orginal unreal engine. However the PS3 could make this a better game, but for now I could care less. I can just pop in MGS4 and get a game that is considered one of the most perfectly done games of all time.

  • I’d love to be able to play, as I’ve been a big fan of the series back to the first release.
    But I’d likely rent it as the SC games are so story driven that 2 replays is all you can get before it gets boring.

    And I doubt I could run it on my PC at any real quality. One of the reasons I moved over to console gaming is I got tired of spending $1200-1500 bucks a year keeping up a top end FPS rig.
    I get embarrassed when I think about how much money I’ve givin to ASUS, Nivida, PNY, and AMD.

  • bige

    Yes as an owner of a ps3 Id love to see splinter cell conviction be released for this system