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David Jaffe’s Thoughts Of ModNation Racers |

He’s the man behind God of War and Twisted Metal. You’ve seen him talk smack against the potential ripoffs of his brainchildren, you’ve seen him judge the PSN reality show, The Tester, but what does David Jaffe have to say about Modnation Racers?
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Thoughts on the game? Will you be getting it? Don’t be afraid to leave a comment.

  • I still have a terrible taste in my mouth from the Beta. I must have tried playing that thing 10x over a two week period, and it never worked well. I’ll definitely be waiting for some reviews.

  • The loading times were enough to put me off. Hope they fix that. Their 3d interface where you actually drive around to enter races or get into settings / customization wasn’t the brightest of ideas. It just lead to more loading, and confusion. Make a lightning fast 2d menu interface and be done with it.

  • LOL.. I downloaded the beta and just raced around the menu.. never actually played it as supposed to =)

    I’m getting this one.. 4 player splitscreen!.. 2 player splitscreen online!.. my game library (and gf) are crying for more couch co-op games!

  • FerrariThug

    Ya I’m getting this game, the beta sold me.

    I heard my friend talk about this game all the time before I played the beta
    then I played the beta and that’s what sold me