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Jaffe: PSN game sharing is horse dung |

[tab:Jaffe’s Thoughts]
david-jaffe-1PSN game sharing is a feature that does not excite David Jaffe. In fact, just recently, he had some very choice words for PSN’s feature.

As you should know by now, game sharing allows a gamer to download a game purchase on PSN, and then later on share it to up to five other PS3 or PSP systems. This does not sit well with Jaffe at all, who has also released Calling All Cars via PSN.

Making his true feelings for the PSN game sharing public via his Twitter, he said:

@zKAPOWz No, but I thin game sharing on PSN is utter horse shit. Why is it ok to buy a game and give it to 2-5 peeps 4 free? Insane!

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David Jaffe is cool and all but I disagree with his thoughts as a gamer. It is one of the highlights of getting a PS3 and making online transactions and being able to get them again without a big fuss. As a developer however, I guess I can see where he’s coming from. But I’m on my 2nd ps3 and I can proudly I’ve spent over 100 bucks on Psn and if I had to buy all of them over again because my ps3 blew up on me I think that is just cruel. What do you guys have to say about this?

  • I see his side of it, and sorta agree, however until PSN come up with a better way for us to get our stuff we lose, it needs to be this way.

  • EdEN

    Well, to be honest 5 DOES seem like a high number, but then again I’m still on my first PS3 Slim so I haven’t had the need to recover my account and download everything again on another PS3.

    IF they come up with a system were we get access to all our downloads no matter what, then fine, no more 5 times.

  • Why not just tie everything to your account? You can lose PS3s, burn them, etc, but as long as you have your account, you have what you paid for.

  • anthony

    its what ever, i dont game share, havnt yet, 5 people, oh well, make disc based games then right jaffe?

  • I’m sorry, but *Jaffe’s* full of dung. Game sharing makes my life a hell lot easier, me and my brother do it, I can play my games when I go over, he can do the same, plus, we buy many more games because of it. When we don’t split the fee, I buy a game, he buys a game, we end up buying more than twice the games we’d have bought.

    They may be losing a small percentage, because of people sharing with complete stangers, but that’s not a problem of 5 PS3 principle of Sony. Plus, they make many of us much more happier.

    The main problem is, it’s very easy to create new PSN accounts, people can create an account for buying just one game, and they may share it with complete strangers. What Sony needed to do, in the first place, to take on a different approach for account creation, but they can’t, because they haven’t thought things through. No way I’m going to game share with complete strangers, I have my credit card information on there for starters, and I have a gamer identity that I don’t want anybody else to mess with. With PSN, there are problems with identity to begin with, gamer identities are not as important as it is in Xbox live because of major neglect on the side of Sony.

  • Also, I’m sure Jaffe’s angry when I lend my Blu-ray games to my friend, he thinks it is lost revenue. Delusional guy.

  • hobbes

    it makes life tons easier, and you know what, because of game shareing I buy more games. Let’s say his way too small car game, i bought it because i could play online with different friends who i was game shareing with, i wouldn’t have bought it otherwise. I wouldn’t have prolly bought 1/2 the psn games i have if game share’n wasn’t a feature.

    I believe, overall this feature actually increases the number of games that are sold.

  • I can see what he’s saying but I don’t think game sharing on the PS3 is that big of an issue.

  • George

    It’s too bad you can’t easily sell your license to downloaded games. I would love to be able to sell off some of my games, calling all cars would be one for sure, as I played it for only a few hours after buying it.

  • Jay

    I’ve got mixed feelings on this. First, I do think it’s a bit questionable allowing a game to be shared between users (and seems to almost cheat the system), since that could essentially lose sales (especially for anticipated, high-ranked games that users would have bought otherwise), but obviously, without it, they could have lost sales by not having it as well. Would not having game sharing increase or decrease the sales? I think that would have to do with the quality and anticipation of the games that become available.

    If, say, a Twisted Metal PSN title were released, for instance. If there wasn’t game sharing, it would probably sell like crazy anyway, but for other games, like Echochrome, the sales might have been driven down because those games don’t have the universal appeal of the mainstream gamer.

    I don’t really know where I stand. I do think that a good way to solve the problem would be that, in order for the PS3 to be able to share titles, the PSN account that purchased the title should not only stay registered on all 5 consoles, but have the other 4 PSN accounts registered with the main one as well, and to protect privacy, etc. make it so user screens are password protected. It will work essentially like this:

    Main Buying Console (and who can play downloaded games)-
    PSN1 (the purchaser)
    PSN3—\ Specified Friends/Family outside of console
    Other Users on Console

    Friend’s Console:
    PSN2 (or one of the others)
    PSN1 registered
    Other Users on Console

    Also going by this, you won’t be completely tied to the system, but rather, the PSN ID and maybe the serial numbers of the friend’s consoles (to make sure the limit stays at 5, but make it so you can change serial numbers by account management on an online portal, so if a system gets replaced, you can change that info online; for both your system or a friend’s). You should also be able to mix license holders, so you can assign 1 or more serial numbers to a friend in case he/she has two or more consoles, or if you personally have two, etc, but you can’t share between more than 5 serial numbers. It essentially works the same as it does now, but gives users more freedom over who has access, etc. while keeping it more secure.

    And to help with random PSN’s sharing with strangers, restrict a console/serial number to have only one sharing account. If one of those friends wants to share purchased games, he’ll already be able to share with you since the PSN’s are registered between both consoles anyway, but gives the friend the ability to share with 3 other people of his/her choice as well (but only with games purchased on that account).

    I rambled on a bit there, but you understand what I’m saying?

  • Jay, restricting to one sharing account per Ps3 may inhibit legitimate separate buyers on a PS3, am I getting it wrong? For example, you share a PS3 with your room mate, you are buying games on your separate accounts due to different tastes and obviously for proper ownership, but for example, you wouldn’t be able to go home during summer and play your games on your brother’s ps3, who has an account of his own. Remember that you own a game on your PSN practically forever, so it is indeed possible to have different PSN id’s legitimately buying their own games on the same PS3.

    I might have gotten you wrong, your idea could truly be great, but also the point of these 5 PS3’s is allowing to play your games on PS3’s you have access to, not admitting that it could be use to “gameshare”

    The current problem as I mentioned lies in the ability to easily create PSN id’s speficifically for game sharing. Currently, you can create a pseudo-account, buy one game, and share that with a complete stranger knowing that:
    *Your main identity cannot be fiddled with.
    *Worst case scenario if you cannot change back the password is that you only lose one game should that stranger changes the password of the PSN id and share that game with other parties.

    Sony’s problem is that the PSN id’s were never fully utilized properly. Even the lack of ubiquitous multiple logins for local play / keeping identity is part of that problem, late arrival of achievements played some role. Free and easy creation of accounts is one of the main problems.

    Would I share my PSN information with a complete stranger? No way! I have over 30 paid games worth over 250usd on that account, a working credit card on there, and “hesido” name I wouldn’t want to see other fiddle with if something went awry (like a password overtake)

    However, I can see why people don’t care, they can have one game per psn id to be easily shared, gamer identities that mean absolutely nothing. This lack of identity is fault of Sony- measures could be thought from beginning to encourage PSN id loyalty without touching the free nature of PSN. e.g. How about a freebie for every 50usd purchase, people wouldn’t be splitting their game purchases then? Maybe gamesharing accounts could be forced to have a working credit card info like Apple forces on their iTunes store (though I admit I don’t quite like Apple’s ways)

    Rest assured I would stop buying from PSN and turn to Steam for my bite-sized gaming needs if Sony started not allowing it.

  • Jay

    good call on the credit card. And make it so you can only have one account per credit card as well. But the other features I mentioned, like monitoring serial numbers and being able to change them on an online portal (maybe a separate password for that) should definitely be implemented. That way, if a system does go kaput, you can go online and change info there (and all licenses should be tied to the account as opposed the system, because that obviously causes issues, too).

    but to keep such information secure (credit card and all that), that information could only be tied to the main purchasing console and maybe hidden behind the online management portal password as well. Each main, CC-enabled account can still have sub-accounts on the system, though, for folks who don’t have credit cards

  • Kicks

    I’d love to be able to reset my ps3 activations via online tool. I’ve lost 2 slots due to system failures that happened with a used 60gb unit that I bought on ebay and a friends launch unit that died.

    I’d like it if sony took an itunes or even xbox 360 approach for that matter. The iTunes model is my favorite. All slots used? De-activate them all and you’re all set

  • Kicks

    And don’t get me started on singstar content
    You have to fax them paperwork showing that you’ve purchased a new system and then they review the case and then re-authorize the content for download.

  • Kicks: Thanks for the singstar warning, they’ve just lost a sale.