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The Weekly Recap (April 11th-17th) |

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Kind of a drop off this week! We had a total of 18 main articles, but QuickNews really picked it up this week (7 of those were actually by me), so I’d check those out as well. Biggest news this week would probably have to go to West and Zampella starting Respawn Studios with EA, as well as Demon Souls officially being announced for EU territories. LBP2 has also been semi-confirmed by a composer on Twitter (probably a violation of the Nondisclosure Agreement).

Other bits and pieces? Darrin has the sales data up, and the PS3 is sitting at third place, but second in home consoles, which is good to see (as is the 51% increase in sales year-over-year). I have an opinion piece up about racing games and how the sound design is rather weak (Tosh seems to agree with me 100%). And if you like to read reviews, I have part one of my Sam and Max review up for the Devil’s Playhouse (the first part being episode 1: the Penal Zone).

Other than that, there’s a survey that was taken concerning failed consoles with a 500,000 person sample (which is a lot better than most). Another article describing how Sony saved Nintendo in court, and how the US PlayStation Store update might be moving to Tuesday (which, I, myself definitely wouldn’t mind). There’s a few more to check out, though, so be sure to go through the tabs for quick access to news you may have missed this week!

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Alright, earlier last week, Tosh has officially announced the winners of the PAX swag giveaway. You can check the list here. Congrats to you guys! There might be some stickers left, but I’m not sure.

You can also share posts now with your Google Buzz account. Other than that, not much new in the community, but there is a new poll up if you haven’t noticed yet. And one last thing, I have noticed that Tosh has changed the “Community” tab to “Forum”, so just getting that out there.

Here’s this week’s recognitions:

Contributor of the Week (Tie)

  • Ace and Jay – 6 Entries

QuickNews Contributor of the Week

  • Jay – 7 Entries

Most Liked (3-Way Tie)

Most Comments

[tab:Gaming News]

Vince Zampella says Activision countersuit is false and outrageous
Ace – April 11th

No Fuss Reviews Surveys 500,000 on Console Failure Rate
Jay – April 11th

Vince Zampella and Jason West from Infinity Ward ‘Respawn’ with EA
Trev – April 12th

It’s not the “PS3 Nunchuk”, it’s the “Navigation Controller”
Ace – April 12th

Why Do Racing Games Sound Weak?
Jay – April 13th

PS3 has biggest percentage of internet-connected consoles in the US
Ace – April 13th

MAG Strategic Overhead Maps
Jay – April 13th

Heavy Rain Reports Heavy Sales
Ace – April 14th

E3 2010 Predictions
Sakinah – April 14th

Ted Price on ModNation Racers
Jay – April 14th

Sony Saves Nintendo in Court
Jay – April 15th

Demon’s Souls FINALLY Coming To Europe!
Gary – April 15th

Sales for March 2010
Darrin – April 15th

Thursdays no more for US PS Store Updates.
Ace – April 16th

Square Enix teases: Unannounced game will shock people
Ace – April 16th

Little Big Planet 2 Accidentally Announced Via a Musician’s Tweet?
Sakinah – April 17th

Do PS3 Owners Want Splinter Cell: Conviction?
Sakinah – April 17th

Sam & Max: The Devil’s Playhouse Review
Jay – April 17th

Is Ninja Theory’s Next Project a New Devil May Cry Game?
Sakinah – April 12th

Netflix for Wii
Sinlock – April 12th

Twisted Metal: Harbor City?
Jay – April 13th

New Game(s) from Insomiac at E3
Jay – April 13th

Platform Nation’s Lock and Load on the Move
Jay – April 13th

GTAIV Episodes Now Available
Jay – April 13th

PS3 Tops 5 Million in Japan
Sakinah – April 14th

How Improved is Gran Turismo’s AI?
Jay – April 14th

Sony Offering Free 3D Games Via PSN This June
Sakinah – April 15th

No 3D Blu-Ray Support for PS3 Until Much Later
Jay – April 15th

Get God of War III on the Cheap
Jay – April 16th
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Thanks for reading everyone! I’d like to see some of the older writers, and other active ones, contribute more, though. Where has Oly been by the way? Anyway, come back next week for moe of the Weekly Recap!

  • Ace

    I would’ve liked to get more posts in but.. its been a long week lots of schooling.

  • Ditto. Been hella busy, catching up as I type though