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Three Games That Didn’t Break The Top 20 in March |

 March was a big month for PS3 software. A total of 7 PS3 titles made it to the top 20 list in the month with sales ranging from 1m to 100k. However there were 3 other titles released for the PS3 during the month of March that didn’t perform as well.

Remember Yakuza 3, Resonance of Fate and Just Cause 2? Neither of these games managed to meet or pass the 100k needed  to break the top 20.  After finally deciding to localise Yakuza 3, Sega shoots themselves in the foot by releasing the title in the same month as GOW III and FFXIII. Unfortunately Sega’s other project, Resonance of Fate, suffered the same fate as Yakuza 3.  Neither title received any advertising as they were lost in the shadow of other juggernauts released in March.

Unlike Yakuza 3 and RoF, Square Enix’s Just Cause 2 did receive a bit more advertising attention. A demo of the game was released on PSN and Live. Just Cause 2 and Resonance of Fate were both multi platform titles but neither could manage 100k sells.

I doubt Square Enix is bothered by Just Cause 2’s initial sales since Final Fantasy XIII performed as expected. Sega on the other hand. Why they chose such a cluttered month to release 2 of their biggest games is beyond me.

  • Royalty32

    Man, that sucks. Bad timing but why would anybody ship a game in March knowing that GoW3 and FF13 are coming in that month as well. Shame on the publishers for doin that. Sad to see Just Cause 2 didnt make, that game is awsome. Its hella fun and the graphics are beatiful(especially the landscape and explosions). Still everyone should of known not to ship in the month of March.

    By the way……. BIG BIG up to Sony Santa Monica for creating one of the best game evr. Congrats on selling a million copies in less than a month. I know it wont be the best selling game of 2010 but what an accomplishment. 360 owners brag about the Gears of Wars and Halos and there good games but no game on 360 compares to God of War 3. Im so glad that i choice ps3 over 360. So once again Congrats to Santa Monica and Sqaure Enix for FF13, which sold the most copies on ps3.

  • Just Cause 2 did well in the UK.. I’ll get it when it gets cheaper, I loved the demo, it convinced me that the game really had potential.

  • Mike

    It still amazes me how bad the release date timing is on a lot games this generation. I guess it means it will hit the bargain bin sooner but the publishers are really hurting their chances of selling enough to warrant a sequel (or in Yakuza’s case, localizing the fourth game). Sega has been historically bad with this. Shenmue II came out the same day as Vice City, VF4 Evo came out just before Soul Calibur II (it was half the price and twice is good, but people like lame guest characters I suppose).

    God of War, Final Fantasy, and Battlefield should have been enough to convince publishers to not release something else in March. Particularly strange for Square since they published one of those games.

    Also glad to see Heavy Rain doing another 100K in its second month. Word of mouth must be helping!

  • Darrin

    I’m not surprised. I bought Yakuza 3, but it was destined for niche status. The other two, didn’t even look worth trying out.

    God of War 3, was beyond amazing.

  • Royalty32

    I totally agree with u Darrin. I knew GoW3 was gonna be awsome but words cannot define this game. Rite now its my GOTY but im lookin foward to RDR next month.

  • How well did the cross platform games sell on the 360? Just curious.
    I picked up Just Cause 2 this past weekend. From what I’ve played it’s been really fun so far. Seems to have lots to do and see.

  • Amir

    Just cause 2 is just as Sh i t as the first one on ps2 ! just improved graphics and physics! thats all ,and its one of the most repitative game s ever made.
    and i have no idea why yakuza 3 does even mention between games like GOW and heavy rain or even FF13 . that game is not even new game , and not worth buying anyway ! im preety sure if someone bought it , its only because of their tatoos !
    and yee me too , i cant wait for RED DEAD REDEMPTION either ! LOVE That game so much ! (only saying from the videos)

  • Jay

    everyone has different tastes, though. I know Darrin likes the Yakuza games, but they aren’t my cup of tea. You also have the people who go out and buy their favorite sport franchises every year, but that doesn’t mean those games appeal to everyone as well

  • Guess I won’t be able to get the platinum edition, though it means that the original versions price will be cut very soon 🙂

  • Royalty32

    One MAJOR flaw in JC2 is the car physics. They are terrible. When the car slides it looks like a robot. Other than the game rocks.

  • kenny6774

    “Beyond Amazing”….?? I continued to be amazed at how people describe this game… it really that good?? I will be picking up soon but don’t want to be let down by overhype.

  • Amir

    ye ture that , im not saying yakuza is that bad , its just not a top game in all around world , except japan.
    and about just cause 2 ,the game is known as one of the worth games made this year already , not bad by its own , but when there are way better games than that , why dont u support the better one ?
    the game has beautiful environment , and average graphic , true , but look at the rest , Story line , can u see any ? different gameplays ?? any ?
    u can describe the game in few words , explode,grabbing,falling down, using parachute.
    at the end , even we say this game is great , its still a copy cat from other games all together which makes just cause 2,

  • Amir

    Dude trust me , THrough the Entire game , ur jaw will be open ! and ur eyes would be 45% bigger than what they are now !

  • EdEN

    So Just Cause 2 isn’t worthy of a purchase and is more of a rental?

  • Amir

    well if u rented , u should rent it for like a week and play it every day , because it would be sort of as long as GTA 4 . its preety long game. i suppose

  • Ozzy

    i can tell you my thoughts on it. Yakuza 3 despite being a next generation game still relies heavily on unvoiced subtitles. Resonance of fate is firstly priced at £50 in the uk not a price ive seen since the first batch of ps3 games came out and it hasnt been advertised. I work in game and i personally have found there is real stock problems with just cause 2 which sounds like a good thing but we dont obviously have the stock to sell so it can reach the top 20 however this chart does take into count 360 aswell right abd we havent got any stock problems with the 360 version