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Ubisoft to Stop Issuing Paper Game Manuals |

Ubisoft will be removing all paper game manuals and replace them with in-game digital versions “in an effort to be more environmentally friendly.” First, these companies begin by making those crappy “eco-friendly” flimsy cases, and now they take away my “reading material.” What’s next?


  • Macdory

    Not a great loss from a company who only churns out rehashed games, and a company who have been responsible for dumbing down games to such an extent that you don’t need any guidance – just press the red “I Win” button.

  • Come to think of it, I flip threw a game manual maybe when I first get it. But never again after that. So it wouldn’t bother me if manuals went away to be honest and just became in game manuals.

  • EdEN

    I DO read manuals and like to have them as collectibles… but let’s be honest about this: Ubisoft’s REAL motivation is increasing their bottom line since printing manuals is more expensive (the actual printing+extra weight in shipping) than doing it digitally in the game disc.

    If it helps the world as a side effect, then great.