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MAG Patch v1.05 Deployed |

A new patch for MAG went live last night fixing leadership qualities as well as tweaking some weapon sights improving accuracy, welcome changes but would like to see some new maps make their way over, I’m still absorbed in Battlefield 2 since getting my PS3 back but hope to be fighting for S.V.E.R. again soon. Full patch details after the jump.

Patch v1.05

Available April 19, 2010 | 40MB (TPPS), 39MB (DLS)


  • Improved the automatic Leadership selection criteria to make players with microphones more likely to be selected than those without them (note: this does not prevent players without microphones from being selected as leaders)
  • Adjusted automatic Leadership selection criteria to include Leadership point total in preference formula.


  • Repaired bug that prevented players who were incapacitated and then revived from throwing grenades until they reload.
  • Fixed issue with the game lock-ups caused by “hanging” black screen following the conclusion of a gameplay round.
  • Repaired crash that sometimes occurred after playing more than 15 consecutive rounds.
  • Resolved issue with rare game crash that occurred during playback of intro video.
  • Numerous localization changes for in-game text.


  • Adjusted iron sights to give player clearer view for the following weapons: AK-103, M4A1, PKP MG, Apex 100, RTK-74, Boudini 12 Gauge, and T-195.
  • Improved accuracy on all iron sights and red dot sights.
  • Increased upwards-recoil to all machine guns.
  • Slightly increased accuracy for pistols, PDWs, and SMGs.

MAG Blog Patch Alert: MAG v1.05

  • FerrariThug

    I haven’t played this game for 2 months.. I think I’m gonna start back pretty soon.

  • FerrariThug

    Main reason why I haven’t played was because the red dot above peoples head when they shoot is extremely gay and requires pretty much no skill.