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Fox to Air Red Dead Redemption 30 Minute Film |

Rockstar is airing a full, 30 minute animated film on the Fox network to promote Red Dead Redemption, using all in-game assets. This is scheduled for May 15, the Sunday before the game’s release. (source)

Wow, these guys have guts.

First, rather than rely on the games press to explain the game to the public, they cut out the middle man and release documentary style trailers directly to the public.

Now, a 30 minute animated game-asset-based film?

And beyond clever marketing, this game seems to expertly combine pieces of authentic history, storytelling, game mechanics, technology, and virtual tourism into an amazing finished product like nothing else. I haven’t even played this game yet, but if this turns out to be anything less than brilliant, I will be extremely disappointed.

  • Oh man!!!! I can’t wait for this game to come out!!! Rockstar is going all out and I know it’ll be just as good as GTA.

  • EdEN

    Mmm 30 minutes seems rather long, will the story be a prequel to the game or basically the cutscenes one after the other?

  • Brillant way to advertise a game.

    Maybe Clint Eastwood will be doing some voice work. Can’t have a good western w/o him.

  • 30mins minus commercials will be about 20mins.. also minus the credits and the intro u have about 15mins of actual content.
    Hope it’s good.

  • I’ll record it and then watch with my thumb on the stop button. Just in case they start showing stuff that givs away too much story.
    The wife on the other hand loves spoilers. 🙁

  • EdEN

    If it’s not a prequel and it spoils part of the game it would be a preeeetty weird way for Rockstar to try and get everyone excited about the game…

  • I’ve enjoyed all the trailers so far. It’s like I have a new fav tv show….or something. I say more game infomercials, except with hosts in period costumes!

  • Wicked. Now -this- is Must See TV. I wish more video game companies did things like this…

    On a similar note, I’d pay big bucks for all the FFXI cutscenes on DVD. In order of course, so you can follow the story lines. Would be so awesome.