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UK’s BBC Life Blu-ray with David Attenborough works on US PS3’s Now! [Update] |

[Update] I’ve gotten one report that the update does NOT fix the issue with the UK Version of BBC Life. It’s been reported that Firmware 3.30 fixes the issues people where having playing the UK Imported Version on US PS3’s. Can anyone double check this for us? If your patient you can wait until 6.1.2010 for it to be officially be released here in the US. But you can Pre-Order it on Amazon if you wish.

Do NOT order the UK version it will NOT work. But you are in luck there is a David Attenborough version that you can buy in the US and I bought it and watched the whole thing on a US PS3. Here is the link to Amazon to buy it.

  • Life

    The update did not fix the problem with the UK version of Life

  • Esteban

    Yes update did not fix the problem. Any chance where we can get a life narrated by david for a us ps3?

  • Here is the US Verson off Amazon and it works just fine on a US PS3.

  • Larry

    Tosh that is not the us version and will not work on ps3 or any Sony DVD player and many other players .There is no us version with David Attenborough. The us version has Oprah Winfrey narrating. I pass

  • Actually Larry you can get the US Version with Sir David Attenborough. Check the link more closely next time. I would NEVER buy the Oprah version myself.

  • Larry

    Not only did I check the link I bought the dvd just sent it back yesterday would not play on my Sony dvd player. Some dvd player will play it (how good I don’t know). Original BBC version ( or English is 50 hertz us players are 60 hertz). If your player will convert 50 to 60 it will play if not your screwed like me. So you can look as close as you like I did until I got The format is 4×50. Ever see that on a us dvd?? I unloaded a list of plays it’s suppose to work on, I don’t want to see alot of people doing what i did and have to send it back.

    Note: This is the European version and may not play on all US Blu-Ray
    Compatible with:
    Denon DBP1610
    Denon DVD-25ooBT
    Insignia NS-BRDVD3
    Momitsu BDP-899.
    Panasonic DMP-BD30 prior to firmware 1.6
    Panasonic DMP-BD6oS
    Pioneer Elite BDP-oSFD
    Pioneer BDP-S1FD
    Samsung BD-Cssoo
    Samsung BD-P1000
    Samsung BD-P1200
    Samsung BD-P1400
    Samsung BD-P1500
    Samsung BD-P16oo
    Samsung BD-P25S0
    Sherwood BDP-S004
    Not compatible with:
    Sony Playstation 3
    Sony BIu-ray Players

  • I’m talking about THIS link larry. Ignore the one in the post.

  • Larry

    Your a little thick Tosh> I told ya that’s the one I bought and sent back. Why don’t you buy it and let me know how you make out.

    • I understand you bought the UK version and tried to play it on a US PS3 and it didn’t work. I’m sorry if you misunderstood that.

      What I’m telling you is I bought this Blu-ray from the US Amazon Store which has David Attenborough’s voice on it and it works on a US PS3. I watched the WHOLE thing and it’s fine.

      I also updated the post to be more clear.

  • Larry

    I don’t have a ps3. It wouldn’t work on my Sony blue ray player.

    • Are you talking about the US or UK version of BBC Life?

  • Larry

    What makes you think that is an us version where does it say that ??
    If there was a US version I would have it.

    Please check out the link below and read it carefully.

    • It is a US version because that’s the US Amazon site. That’s where I bought it.

  • Jay

    @Larry: they sold the US-territory version of the BBC version a couple months after the Oprah version came out.

  • Actually the Oprah and David Attenborough US Versions of BBC Life came out at the same time.

  • Jay

    really? I thought the David Attenborough was a bit later for the US release

    • Mmm I thought it was the same time but now I don’t recall for certain. I pre-ordered it and forgot about it. Maybe I’m thinking the pre-orders for both versions popped up at the same time.

  • Larry

    You send me the link to one with attenborough that states in writing that’s it’s a US version. I’ll by it today

  • Jay

    @Larry: how about this one:

    It’s region 1 (which means North America, etc), and it’s on the US Amazon store

  • Larry

    That’s the one I sent back. I agree region 1 is North America. Where does it state region 1 on that dvd ???

  • Upgrade your Blu-ray player or get the best blu-ray player around a PS3. See if there is a firmware upgrade for your blu-ray player though.

  • Oly

    @Larry are you sure you have a BluRay player? Are you sure you didn’t buy the BluRay Version and stick it in a DVD player?

    Also like Tosh has said… Update your BluRay player..

    And BTW.. this is not


  • Dan

    ohhh myyyy…. i would banish myself from the internet forever.

  • Kyle

    hey check it out, my wife bought the version you are posting on this site in Oct. 2010. I’ve tried to play it on my PS3 (purchased new in Jan. 2011) and it wont play. I’ve also tried to play it on a Magnavox blue ray player. Also, i’ve tried 2 different TV’s.

  • Kyle

    Did a little more research right after I posted (sorry). At the top side of my box set (right underneath the Blu-ray Disk symbol) it says “BBCBD0055”, should it say “B002UXRGM0”? Amazon says its the ASIN on their site, dont know if what my box set says is the same thing or not.