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New Red Dead Redemption Multiplayer Footage |

IGN has revealed some more multiplayer footage showcasing canons, gold bags and Mexican stand off’s. Nothing much new that we haven’t been told before but its nice to see some modes that have been alluded to in full action. Is it just me or do the horses seem a little fast though?

  • Darrin

    I’m skeptical that these multiplayer features will work well with a typical random online gamer crowd.

    I can look at the single player gameplay and tell that I will love it, but with the multiplayer, I feel like I really have to play it to get a good feel of how fun it is.

    These videos do look amazing though.

  • EdEN

    Horses DO seem to run very fast but since the game itself is big having the horses go at a different speed would definitely hurt the game flow.

  • EdEN

    After seeing the multiplayer trailer again… well, it does seem like a fun experience if you have enough friends for a match. Random matches, well, they’re just that… random.

  • There’s like an open world multiplayer thingy too, yah? I’m picturing a giant sandbox for a bunch of posses to run around in. Would be fun.

  • Heinous

    will you be able to kill people when you free roam? and will you be able to get rewards for killing them? Looks like a very fun game though.

  • Jay

    @4 and 5: yes, there’s free roam, and yes you can kill people. There MIGHT be bounties, but I’m not 100% on that

  • “and yes you can kill people.” that’s funny.

  • Ace

    What about like sheriffs any of them like cops in GTA4?

  • This is gonna be awesome.. I cant wait for the game.. there are other gameplay videos btw.. even another multiplayer type.. so Im expecting a few more b4 launch.

  • EdEN

    Anyone know what the limit (total number of players) for multiplayer is?

  • Jay

    16 I believe

  • EdEN

    Seems like a big enough number without getting into crazy number territory. I’ll give the game a rental and see how it goes from there.