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Hideo Kojima Set to“Challenge a Certain Industry Taboo” With Next Project |

Translated from Hideo Kojima’s Japanese twitter account:

“My next project will challenge a certain industry taboo.”

 “If I mess up, maybe I’ll have to leave the industry. But there’s no escaping it – I can’t pass otherwise.”

Personally I think the gaming industry currently has few taboos left to break. What controversial game could be brewing in the Metal Gear Solid creator’s head and will it end up being his last? 

Time will tell.

  • Mike

    Is he finally going to make that game where the disc breaks if you fail?

  • jerry

    Mike that wouldn’t be a taboo would it. I think he is going to tackle creating a First person shooter. If that is the case he is right if he fails then he might have to leave the industry. FPS are quickly becoming the most common game format on the shelves. And it seems that every development company needs a shooter in order to really make money. I personally hope he is talking about the industry Taboo of listening to what the fans want and creating a game that they are asking him to create. Zone of the Enders 3 :the last runner (that is my suggested title)Would be the game of choice.

  • Smegmazor

    Zone of the Enders 3? Is that related to the Ender’s Games books?

  • EdEN

    Mmm, sounds to me he will go with a Gay male main character which I don’t recall being done before.

  • derrickgott007

    Ooooh, I bet it’s some stupid old cliched game idea. Not much innovation coming from the far east as far as games are concerned. What’s his taboo? Make a game WITHOUT invisible hallways, and try a real free roaming shooter?

    No, no let me guess again…..I bet it’s another butt poking game like that arcade one where you poke the jean covered butt with the big plastic finger? No no, I bet it’s another BORING JRPG that has been done a million times before.

    Sorry Kojima-San, but I’m thinking you’re all out fresh ideas. Metal Gear part 25 with invisible hallways won’t impress me.

    Bring on the Swede’s and the Brit’s and Yanks, now there is some innovation happening!

  • roxmysox

    derrickgott007, you fail in life you pathetic loser please do yourself a favor and kill yourself already…

  • EdEN: Mmm, sounds to me he will go with a Gay male main character which I don’t recall being done before.  ^

    I think you may be on to something, Eden. It’s either that or something having to do with sex or both.

  • It could be a gay main character.

    If not, then it’s probably something very sexual. Lots of nudity.

    For the record, thank you far east for your contributions to the video game industry!

  • earl

    As soon as I read this I was thinking the porn video game. A mainstream company/designer comes out with a MA rated game that actually has explicit sex. It’s in movies, why not in big games?

  • Jay

    console manufacturers wont allow it (AO/Adults Only ESRB rated games anyway)

  • Mike

    He’s teaming up with DICE in Sweden to create together the next Mirror’s Edge title.

    Of course this is unlikely to happen, but just writing about it gives me chills!

  • EdEN

    Well, he could go the PC route and DO release the “full of sex” game most are thinking is his next project.

    Why have an AO rating if no game can ever get published for a console?

  • Jay

    well, the ESRB controls console and PC ratings, but since consoles are solely created by one company, that one company has the say as to what games are allowed on their systems. PCs are far more open and all the components are interchangeable, so no company has the capability and the power to say what can and can’t be available.