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The Weekly Recap (April 18th-24th) |

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Another relatively slow week. And another late submission on my part (and I apologize for that; it was a hectic week). Anyway, despite having a new firmware update, updates for a couple games (MAG patch and Uncharted 2 DLC) and a bunch of other stuff, we still only wound up with about 24 main submission and 5 QuickNews. Here’s the highlights:

Jaffe slams Game Sharing, saying it’s a bunch of horsesh*t. He obviously isn’t the only either, as Capcom had some more extreme measures to prevent sharing on their title, Final Fight: Double Impact (which had been used in a few other games before). Darrin had posted a bit more this week as well, with one opinion piece about what companies should collaborate and create a game system (even though it’s unrealistic, it would make for a very interesting system).

Marvel vs Capcom 3 has also been announced, and a couple domains had been registered by Ubisoft, presumably for unannounced games (a new Driver and Assassin’s Creed). There have also been numerous posts on ModNation Racers. One of which was a new Kevin Butler ad, which is supposed to start airing on TV this Wednesday in the US.

[tab:Community News]

Not a whole lot on the Community side of things. I do have a heads-up, though. Tosh has allowed me to confirm new stories in case I’m on and he’s away. The one thing I would like to stress is to make sure you don’t have any spelling/grammar mistakes. I do fix them for you, though. Also, sourcing the articles is also a biggie, but most everyone seems to go by that already, so it’s not really an issue.

Also, Ceidz received his new T-shirt, which you can check out here. Tosh wants to get pics of everyone who has one to add to our collection, so if you ever win a shirt from us or buy one from the Zazzle store (they’re very good quality by the way), be sure to send in a pic of yourself!

And one last thing. I believe it may have been looked over, but Tosh had a contest to win a God of War III character skin, and the contest was supposed to end on the 24th, but had received no entries, so I’m assuming that’s still going on, and, at this point, it will probably be the first person to enter by way of the contest rules. Here’s this week’s recognitions:

Contributor of the Week

  • Ace – 6 Entries

QuickNews Contributor of the Week

  • Jay and Sakinah – 2 Entries Each

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[tab:Gaming News]

David Jaffe’s Thoughts Of ModNation Racers
Ace – April 18th

Jaffe: PSN game sharing is horse dung
Ace – April 18th

Three Games That Didn’t Break The Top 20 in March
Sakinah – April 19th

Game Platform Dream Team
Darrin – April 19th

7-Eleven will sell used games for $20 and below
Marc Macayan – April 19th

MAG Patch v1.05 Deployed
Trev – April 20th

Marvel vs Capcom 3 Trailer
Marc Macayan – April 20th

ModNation Racers Trophy List
Ace – April 20th

3D Dot Game Heroes Character Creation
Jay – April 20th

Uncharted 2 New Siege Maps Footage
Sakinah – April 21st

Lead Scientists Blow the Lid Off Of Brain-Training Games
Darrin – April 21st

Kevin Butler Does Race, Create, Share
Jay – April 21st

Uncharted 2 Title Update 1.07 Available Now
Sakinah – April 21st

PS3 3.30 System Software Update
Ace – April 21st

[Update]PS3 Firmware 3.30 Stealth Updates [Flash, PC Remote Play, Blu-ray]
Tosh – April 22nd

Fox to Air Red Dead Redemption 30 Minute Film
Darrin – April 22nd

New MLB App For PSN
Ace – April 22nd

ModNation Racers coming to Europe on May 21
SL33PY – April 23rd

Madden 2011 Cover Revealed
Sakinah – April 23rd

New Red Dead Redemption Multiplayer Footage
Trev – April 23rd

ModNation Racers Found on NBC’s “Community”
Sakinah – April 24th

Zipper Interactive: SOCOM 4 supports both Move and DualShock
Ace – April 24th

Driver: San Francisco to be Announced Soon?
Jay – April 24th

Capcom’s Crackdown on PSN Game Sharing Angers Many
Sakinah – April 24th

Ubisoft to Stop Issuing Paper Game Manuals
Jay – April 19th

PS3 3D Firmware for Games in June
Jay – April 19th

MGS:PW Gets a Perfect Score
Sakinah – April 21st

UK’s BBC Life Blu-ray with David Attenborough works on US PS3’s Now!
Tosh – April 22nd

Celebrate Uncharted 2’s Latest Expansion With Double Cash
Sakinah – April 22nd
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Nothing planned right now, but if you’re interested, I play on BFBC2 quite a bit. If you’d like to play sometime, my PSN ID is JimmyMagnum. Just let me know you’re from here and what your username is :).
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Thanks for reading everyone! I’m going to try to get back on the ball, but every day passes way too quick for me to get anything done anymore. Also, to make the Thank You tab more fun, I’m going to post any Butlerized pics I make on the Kevin Butler Fan Page on Facebook, and here’s one I did yesterday pretty quick:

  • Yes, the God of War 3 character skin is still available. First to post in the God of War Group gets it.

  • Booo @ slow weeks!

    Summer is just around the corner. Nerds rejoice! lol There should be good movies and games incoming.

    If April showers bring May flowers. Then April slow weeks bring…

    Damnit, I got nothing

  • nice recap. Ive been so busy the past few days, Ill write more soon, just been occupied with a LOT of stuff.