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Rumor: New firmware to allow background download for game patches |

Let’s face it – it can be pretty annoying when you fire your game up and it says you have to download a patch before you can proceed. A lot of patches aren’t exactly quick downloads, especially if you’re itching to go on and play whatever it is you’re hooked on. Good news. Sony might be working on that little inconvenience by letting you download the patch in the background while you go and play.


Unlike the usual downloadable media or game content, you don’t have the option of background downloading for patches. You’re forced to wait it out until it’s done updating. TheSixthAxis reports off the record that they’ve got word that this will change via a future firmware update. That means that when a patch comes up, you can download it right away while maintaining use of your PS3.

Of course, Sony won’t be commenting on this rumor. But we would, won’t we?

[via TheSixthAxis]

  • Rep

    That would be sooo awesome!!! It´d be the first positive and really useful update in a while!!!

  • Jay

    I’m hoping it’s true. Hopefully, it will periodically ask you which games you want to have automatically updated when updates are available (like if you played a bunch of new games since you last selected titles), or, at least, select the options from a menu of all previously played games

  • I’m hoping they’d advance that bit and push for a really good solution… Mine 🙂

    My idea is that the PS3 fetches all patches for all known games. Even better would be that you can activate for each game that you own whether or not your PS3 has to get the latest patches automatically.

    If you boot your game and a patch is needed you only need to sit trough the short install of the patch and you’re ready to go immediatly

  • I really hope this is true, it really can be annoying at times.

  • hobbes

    how bout it’s a setup feature for each installed game data/ to turn off/on auto patch downloads?

  • EdEN

    Sony changed the UA with version 3.30 saying they could download things to your console without you having to agree to it so it does seem like it’s pointing at this.

    Between getting my Slim in november and right now I’ve lost 5-8 hours of game time while waiting for all my new games to download the new patches…

  • Sinlock

    Anyone playing a game like Burnout Paradise can agree that this a needed feature. It’s one reason I havnt played on my Slim.

  • Smegmazor

    Interesting, considering that the Demo and Game downloads pause in the background once you start up another game.

  • Kicks

    I’d just like a way to also have demos/content/games installed as they download and not require that they be unpacked before they can be used.

  • Im hoping that this is true

  • kennygk

    Yes i really want this update