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God of War 3: Spartans Stands Tall Site Updated |

If you haven’t stopped by the GOW3 mystery site, Spartans Stand Tall, in a while you’ll find the site has been updated since it’s original reveal last month.

The icon in the top right corner is now 3/4 of the way filled and the rain has started to pour heavily. Not only that but a mysterious figure can be seen during a flash of lightning.

I have a suspicion that the mystery behind “Spartans Stands Tall” will be fully revealed the closer we get to E3.

  • Legion213

    Almost looks like a young Kratos. Maybe they are going back in time and telling the story of Kratos and his rise in the Spartan army?

    Then again they said that his story is done. Either way I’m looking forward to E3.

  • Royalty32

    So pumped for E3. This yr will be the best in a long time.

  • GLV7

    On the left you can see the back of the head of somebody even his ear… obviusly he is watching his reflection on the water. Also I saw an idea about what this Spartans Stand Tall will beand they said that in GOW2 there is a battle between Kratos and a strong soldier who turns to be the last spartan (Zeus kill them all you know the story) well the important thing here is that when you see a little video about Zeus destroying Sparta, that soldier has the same shield as the one in the Spartans Stand Tall web even with the ^ and everything… maybe he is this guy…

  • EdEN

    What mysterious figure? It’s a bald guy with his arms open. That’s Kratos. PS3 sequel, PSN game or PSP game?

  • GLV7

    If it’s Kratos he’s wearing a toga… maybe after killing the olympians he has become one of them… or something else…

  • GLV7

    Sorry for the double post but I just saw a screenshot of this image and idk if you can see it but on the left hand of the reflection it appears tobe holding a skull? watch carefully… it looks to me a skull or something else. Do you see it too?

  • Jay

    well, we’ll know what it is next month lol. I can see that he’s holding something, too, but IDK if its a head/skull or what. It could also be one of the blades, if it is Kratos.

  • EdEN

    What GLV7 said in post #3 actually makes a lot of sense. Countdown will eventually end and well know what all the mystery was for.