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Ben Heck shows his shiny new PS3 Slim laptop v2 |

My favorite console modder, Ben Heckendorn, is back to show off his latest shiny creation, a brand new PS3 Slim laptop with even more features and a stylish black look. Here’s the complete specs of the PS3 laptop:

  • 17-inch widescreen 720p HDMI display.
  • Built-in stereo speakers & headphone jack.
  • Compartment to store power cord. (left side bottom of unit)
  • Stylish pin striping to make games run at blast processing!
  • More air holes than a stock Slim, not that it really needs them (cough cough Xbox 360)

If you’re interested in learning more about the project, hit the source link below.

Via [benheck]

  • EdEN

    Looks great. Since the screen is so small, going for a 1080p laptop screen would not only be expensive but also useless.

    When will one of the big 3 give him a job? He knows how to make things smaller, that should count for something…

  • Jay

    yeah, Sony should get him on designing the PS4 lol

  • EdEN

    Or Microsoft for creating a 360 slim.

  • genbatzu

    what about power supply ?
    internal battery?
    or only via cable ? 😮

  • EdEN

    From the video I can figure it is cable based as to reduce heating problems. Could be wrong and there could be a battery in there.