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Problems Arise For the Blu-Ray Version of Avatar |

After shattering a blu-ray sells record with it’s release last week, some owners with a copy of the blu-ray version of Avatar may be ready to break their blu-ray player.

Yahoo! News is reporting that there have been numerous complaints regarding the blu-ray version of the blockbuster movie Avatar. The problems afflicting some blu-ray owners isn’t really because of the disc, it’s because of certain un-updated blu-ray players refuse to play the disc.

“When 3 out of 3 players in my house (Denon, Samsung and PC) won’t play it, then 20th Century Fox should be slapped with losses on this one,” said one customer.”

The solution to the problem may be a simple one, for some. Blu-ray players, like the PS3, need regular firmware updates. These updates require an Internet connection. Without updating the machine with the latest firmware upgrades some new dvd releases will become unplayable. This seems to be the case for those with the Avatar blu-ray.

Unlike PS3 gamers who are aware that firmware updates are necessary for playing their favorite games and keeping the system stable, those who bought a blu-ray player just for movies may be oblivious to that fact.

  • Jay

    salespeople should inform their customers of that. Do you need an internet connection, though? Is it at all possible to update via burning the update to a disc and run it off that? I never really looked into it, but I did know about the firmware updating

  • Ceidz

    This actually happened to my father. He was about to return his $600 blu-ray player because of this issue. Since he’s got a dial-up, he had to come all the way down here for the firmware update, burned on a CD.
    He was NOT happy…. !

  • Jay

    well, I wouldn’t be happy either if my child was too lazy to come by my place and update it after burning the update to the disc, too. j/k 😛

  • EdEN

    Update can be burned into a CD or installed by an USB unit. Know what the BEST solution would be? Include the firmware update in the Bluray disc itself as Nintendo does for Wii games. That way consumers are assured that their movies will always play in their unit and won’t need an internet connection.

  • Ceidz

    Eden: I thought about it too, but I don’t think this would be possible for a BD-movie disk, because it would require the disk to have all the possible firmware updates for all the available players at the time of the disc release (ie: Pioneer, Sony, etc…).

  • AJ

    I played Avatar on my PS3 & Samsung Blu-Ray Player and it had no problems playing on either of them. I updated the firmware recently though.

  • Daveyjane

    What is the minimal firmware required for the ps3 to play avatar? Firmware numbers are currently 2.xx and 3.xx for the playstation3, not slim, but phat. So, which firmware will play this movie. Let’s hear what some of you have for firmware, and then which one’s won’t play the movie, and which one’s will play Avatar on blu ray disc.

  • Lesley

    “system software” 3.15 (firmware) plays it. But just … anything older doesn’t seem to. Anything newer and you loose functionality with other OS features.

  • lesley

    “system software” (firmware) 3.15 plays it. But just … anything older doesn’t seem to. and Anything newer and you lose functonality with ‘other OS’ features.

  • ray

    i’am also having this problem in my ps3 ( 60g version ) firmware 3.55

    returned Avatar ext ED because i tought it was the problem after watching blade runner (BRD version).

    came back with the new Avatar movie and after 30minutes freezes the ps3 for 10 minutes.

    hope they will fix this the original Avatar movies plays well on my ps3

  • Paul

    Just delete the BD saved data. Worked with me. If this doesn’t work just disable the internet connection. Silly fault.

  • pedro

    Huh… I’d never expect that.

    Good thing to know, maybe I’ll have to connect my blue ray to internet after all.

  • ray

    ok did everything that you guy said did not work

    even cleaned the blueray lens on the ps3 nothing

    i had to replace the bluray player in the ps3 now works great

    hope i will last 4ever 😉