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Roger Ebert Hates 3D |

The movie critic legend, Roger Ebert predictably hates 3D. Here are a few quotes and a brief rebuttal:

Recall the greatest moviegoing experiences of your lifetime. Did they “need” 3-D? A great film completely engages our imaginations. What would Fargo gain in 3-D? Precious? Casablanca?

By the same logic, we don’t need HD or color or stereo sound, or heck, why not just read a book, or forego the printing press and bypass these meddling technologies entirely, and stick with the pure story telling medium of “cave wall”?


Oh, of course, people who make money are evil. How did I forget that?

This is coming from the same person who is publically outraged that the days of the highly paid, highly respected movie reviewer are largely over.

The fact that there is money to be made is a good sign. Consumers vote with their wallets. And based on theater ticket sales, they have been voting in large numbers that 3D is something they enjoy and value, while opinions on movies that other people made are expected for free.

  • Jay

    well, some movies definitely don’t need 3D in a sense that it doesn’t benefit anyone or add to the enjoyment, though. Animated films and the like, sure, but with some types of movies, it just doesn’t make sense. I think to make 3D most enjoyable, it should only be applied to those that are visually stunning and/or have an artistic flare. Not movies that have 3D just for the sake of having it

  • Did we need a movie to make LOTR better?? no, although great, they were no were near as good as the books. But.. they did make another type of enjoyable experience. If you don’t like 3d, see the un 3d version.. Best 3d movie so far?? Has to be How to train your dragon.. It was awesome..

  • What a surprise, he’s just an angry guy imo…

    I bet you Roger Ebert plays Halo and yells racial slurs at people over the net lol

  • Indeed, comparing Fargo or Precious to Avatar is like comparing apples to oranges. They just cater to different movie-needs. Sometimes, you need to have eye-candy, sometimes you need the brain-candy.

  • Royalty32

    3D isnt needed in movies but it does give u an different experience. Case in point, i took my kids to see How to Train A Dragon in 3D and it was awsome but the again i went to see Alice in Wonderland in 3D and it was TERRIBLE. So theres pros and cons. Now if u would of complained about 3D gaming then i would of agree with him 100%. JMO

  • derrickgott007

    So Roger Ebert hates technology huh? Well guess what Mr. Ebert, Technology is what gives you a voice ( Literally). Would anyone know who your inflated ego self was without tv? No. Technology +1.

    Now don’t get me wrong, it is still the story that makes or breaks a movie. As most know I am a systems tech (Lineman) for a well known cable company. I spend my days 40+ feet off the ground either in a bucket truck or free climbing poles. Anyways, I found a movie made in 1937, called SLIM. It stars Henry Fonda and is the story of how he becomes a lineman. All in black and white, but you know what? It’s the story that makes it good.

    Would it be better in 3d? Probably not, but if 3d is needed to tell the story such as How to train your dragon (with all the flying etc) then yes, 3d is better. If it’s not needed (Final Destination 3d) then it’s just tacked on gimmicks.

    So Roger Ebert needs to embrace change and technology, because if anyone should accept technology, he should as his voice is spoken for him by a computer.

  • Mark Kermode (a highly respected UK critic) also hates 3D and I feel obliged to agree with him

  • Jay

    Skydiving Spearchuckers is my favorite movie!

  • Everything’s a fad in Hollywood. We don’t see as many ScreamBeacauseIStillKnowWhatYouDidLastSummer filicks anymore. Once they milk 3D they’ll move on to something else.

  • EdEN

    Ok Ebert, your grace period due to your illness has passed. You DO NOT get to make stupid comments due to your senility anymore. Color makes a huge difference over black and white. Surround sounds helps to, even if for just a moment, blur the line between being at the movies and being in the movie.

    Technology brings chances and older people are usually offended by them because it takes them outside their comfort zone.

    Oh and videogames ARE art.